1000 Grafts Hair Transplant: Exploring Your Options for a Fuller Head of Hair

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A hair transplant using 1000 grafts is a common procedure for individuals looking to restore moderate hair loss coverage. This graft volume allows doctors to fill in thinning areas on the scalp and create a dense, natural appearance.

1000 grafts hair transplant

During a 1000 graft surgery, follicular units containing 1-4 hairs are extracted from the permanent donor areas at the back and sides of the head. These grafts are then implanted into sites across the balding regions to replace missing hair.

What Can Be Achieved?

1000 grafts usually restores a Norwood Class III-IV or Ludwig Class 1-2 level of loss. It can cover a large portion of thinning corners and recession as well as add fullness to sparse areas on top.

Number of Sessions

Most patients complete the entire 1000 grafts in a single long (8-10 hour) session. For very diffuse loss or largercoverage goals, grafts may be spread over 2 consecutive days.

Healing and Downtime

Shaved, scabby heads are typical for 5-7 days as grafts embed. Most return to work within 1 week. Full regrowth of 4-6 mm hairs takes 6-12 months.

Long-Term Results

A 1000 graft transplant provides excellent density and naturalness if performed skillfully. Hairlines last decades if FUE while soft tufting may occur higher up over many years.

Maintenance Options

Additional 500-1000 graft procedures every few years expand coverage. Alternative therapies help sustain growth between sessions.

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