When Should I Cut My Hair for Growth According to the Moon?

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Haircutting suggestions based on lunar phases have existed for centuries, with some claiming certain moon signs encourage optimal hair regrowth.

When should I cut my hair for growth according to the moon?

Many naturopathic traditions endorse cutting hair during a moon's waxing gibbous or full moon for faster apparent regrowth before the next cycle.

Waxing Gibbous Phase

Occurring 3-4 days before the full moon, this phase's strong gravitational pull is said to draw moisture up from the scalp, conditioning strands to sprout new growth quickly.

Full Moon Phase

On the night of a full moon itself, follicles are primed to take advantage of earth's peak hormonal and lunar forces to rapidly progress the hair's growth phases.

Avoid Waning Phases

The waning gibbous and last quarter moon periods running up to the new moon are considered less conducive as their declination is thought to inhibit post-cut regrowth.

Other Factors Influence Cycles

Individual metabolisms, genetics, health and lifestyle all interplay far more predominantly than folkloric influences, but certain cycles may show slightly accelerated regrowth for some.

Overall Hair Health is Key

Regardless of moon phase, nourishing hair through a wholesome routine tailored to its specific needs will optimize its natural growth potential more reliably.

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