Why Do You Wax Against Hair Growth: Debunking the Myths for Smoother Skin

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Waxing is a popular hair removal method due to its effectiveness in lifting hair from the root. While regrowth will occur over time, waxing causes gradual hair thinning with regular use by interrupting the natural growth cycle.

Why do you wax against hair growth?

When wax is applied and then quickly removed, it grabs the hair shaft firmly below the skin's surface. This causes the root and partial follicle to be lifted out, lengthening the time until new hairs develop and emerge.

Disruption of Growth Phases

Each hair normally grows in cycles of dormancy and activity. Waxing displaces the root from its protected niche just before the next anagen (active growth) phase would start.

Stretching of Removal Zone

The action of wax ripping hair at a subdermal level slightly distends the surrounding tissue. This stretching makes it harder for new, thinner follicles to firmly situate and advance.

Trauma-Based Thinning

Over time, the repeated micro-damage incurred from tearing hairs out instead of cutting provokes the follicle to grow progressively finer, shorter hairs until remaining static or disappearing entirely.

Contrast to Shaving

While shaving severs hair above skin level, the root and follicle remain intact to quickly initiate regrowth normally. Waxing removes more of the hair unit root for prolonged growth disruption.

Long-Term Hair Reduction

With consistent waxing every 4-6 weeks, most see thinner hair regrowth until the area is smooth or bald due to gradual follicle miniaturization from repeated root extractions.

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