10 of Men’s Timeless Hairstyles (and how to take care of them)

You’re probably here because you want to change up your whole look, or just looking for tips to pick up. It doesn’t matter if your hair is thin, coarse, curly, wavy, or super thick! We’ve rounded up 10 of men’s timeless hairstyles that will fit every man’s taste.  From short hair to long hair, we’ve got you. So, dig around and check for our styling tips, hair care tips, and hair products we recommend for optimum results!


1. The Undercut for All Hair Types

Photo source: menstylists.com

Photo source: menstylists.com

The undercut has been one of the longstanding hottest hair trends, so don’t be surprised to see it first on this list! Edgy, yet clean and uber stylish, this look may vary depending on your taste. It’s even ideal for various hair types (thin, coarse, thick, wavy, etc.). With maintaining an undercut, it’s especially important to prioritize its upkeep. Every trip to the barbershop is a way to prevent any bad hair day, ever.


2. The Caesar Cut for Thin to Coarse Hair

Photo source: haircutinspiration.com

Reigning from the days of a Roman empire, this specific hairstyle was dubbed as “the Caesar cut”. Julius Caesar was widely believed to be sporting this look to cover up a receding hairline. It’s very similar to the widely known French crop hairstyle as well. You can have the sides tapered, then texturize the top with some sea salt spray. Low-risk, minimal effort, and super stylish. Super versatile, you can even take this 15 different ways!


3. The Quiff for All Types of Hair 


Photo source: haircutinspiration.com

This is what we’d like to call a “relaxed” pompadour. A little bit more laid-back, but it still retains its shape as it adds height, volume, and style to your look. This boy-next-door style suits a wide range of head shapes, regardless of age. You can wear it to a formal event, work, dinner, or even an afternoon barbecue session with your friends. It fits almost any occasion, and you’ll look good throughout.


4. The Dreadlocks for Thick Hair


Photo source: menshairstylestoday.com

Dreads, or dreadlocks, are gathered hair that grows into matted twists. If you’d like to give this one a try, we recommend seeking the assistance of hair professionals so your twisted locks are uniform. With professional advice, you’ll also learn how to maintain its style perfectly!


With dreadlocks, you’ll need a couple of inches of hair even just to begin. So for the “follicularly challenged”, use the right products to grow, strengthen, and thicken your hair, like our ultimate Hair Growth Routine. Not only does it cleanse, protect, and nourish your scalp, the products are natural and vegan, so you don’t have to worry about its environmental effects. Once you’ve got your dreads fixed in place, check out these super cool ways to style your new look.


5. The Slick Back for Coarse to Thick Hair


Photo source: youtube.com

Best for thick hair, this is the Leonardo DiCaprio look for the Oscars, an ode to the 1920s style of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. For that clean and polished look, easily comb it over and apply some wax, so no strand isn’t in its place. Want to keep this look for the long run? Keep it looking sharp and dapper by using our Hair Growth Serum. This way, as you style with the product, you’re nourishing it as well.


6. The Classic Crew Cut for All Hair Types


Photo source: byrdie.com

We genuinely believe that every man can sport and look insanely good with this cut. It’s the automatic no-brainer for the laidback, simple man. It’s clean, fuss-free yet irresistible in its own way. The Classic Crew Cut would be considered an all-rounder, for all seasons, for every man.


You can wear it neat, or you can wear it messy at the top. For the sides, taper them down for a slimming effect. Especially if you have hair thinning problems, this styling trick can give the illusion that your hair is thicker than it really is!


7. The Side Part for Thick Hair


Photo source: stail.ph

This is the type of hairstyle that would fit well for any professional setting. It works best with thick, straight hair that can hold a lot of volume. You can style this according to your hair part, slightly push it up as you comb it with gel towards the direction you want. If you’ve got wavy, volumized hair already, try some sea salt spray to keep your locks in place. You’ll look clean and presentable in an instant!


8. The Buzz Cut for Thin Hair


Photo source: thetrendspotter.net

A buzz cut is the classic go-to look if you’re one who requires little to no hair maintenance. We love that it very much emphasizes your masculine features from head to toe with nothing much to check out. (Case in point: Brad Pitt circa early 2000s.) It’s also ideal for the man on-the-go because there’s almost no upkeep to deal with. 


Additionally, the buzz cut is an especially great option if you’re suffering from hair loss or hair thinning problems because it steers attention to what could be pronounced. If anyone asks why you’ve made the drastic makeover, you can tell ‘em you like your hair neat and simple for now. Easy! For now, you can benefit from our hair growth serum with a subscription. Check out these different styles to try a buzz cut with, too!


9. The Hi-Top Fade for Curly Hair

Photo source: coolmenshair.com

It just could not get any funkier than this. We’ve included this in the list for the man who doesn’t believe in being subtle. An iconic hairstyle, you’ll surely be turning heads as you walk on by. You can go for the classic flat-top deck. You can add some color. You can grow out the top and let the curls grow and topple over for added attitude and flair. There are so many ways to try it out. With so much personality, go with the flow! Enjoy as you change up your look!


10. The Long & Wavy for Coarse to Thick Hair

Photo Source: elle.com

Long and wavy? We can only think of Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye as the perfect example! Perhaps this hairstyle will take more maintenance, so make sure you wash your hair accordingly! Don’t let it go days without being washed. Due to its length, subtly maintain it using our hair strengthening shampoo and conditioner


Remember, with the right hair product, a little goes a long way. Yet the absolute best part of this hairstyle is that you can do a low ponytail with it, or sport a man-bun for the days you need to get all the hair out of your face! And if you really feel like loosening up, try these cool man braids.


Men and their hair


Of course, men groom themselves, too! Each and every guy has their own routine, and they range from extremely simple to super extensive. And yes, they encounter bad hair days and hair problems just as much as anyone else does. 


Considering their rapid hair growth, men attend to their hair grooming tasks more frequently. If anything, men’s hair maintenance could even be a lot more tedious than the ladies’ quarterly trips to the salon. We get you, and this is why we’re here as your go-to for anything hair-related. There’s no shame in being meticulous about your everyday look! Embrace your masculinity and personal style!

Written by Anne Reyes

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