Many Eyelash Serums Don’t Work. This One Does.
Written by
Morgan German
Everyone (including men) desires to have the luscious eyelashes we often see on our favorite models and celebrities. There is just something about it that makes us look far more attractive. Some psychologists and beauty experts explain that healthy eyelashes represent youth, fertility, and good overall health (as some diseases cause eyelashes to fall out). For others, they believe that the longer eyelashes create the illusion of wide, gazing eyes.
There are many ways to fake our way into achieving this standard of beauty, most of which you may already be familiar with or already tried. Aside from mascaras, there are also strip lashes (some refer to them as “falsies”), which last for as long you wear your makeup. A semi-permanent method is eyelash extensions, which comes with monthly touch-up appointments that may cost you a lot of time and money in the long run (not to mention allergic reactions to the lash glue).
You may also be well-acquainted with eyelash growth serums. And, if you are, those serums probably have not delivered their promise (or you would not be here otherwise). We tell you now to give it another chance with this one serum that is sure to work.


What Does Our Eyelash Growth Serum Do?

Enter Scandinavian Biolabs’ Eyelash Growth Serum. Our team of scientists has taken painstaking lengths to perfect the Bio-Pixilin formula that makes up this new and exciting product. It is 100% all-natural and plant-based, too. No harsh chemicals mean that it is perfectly safe to use even for those with the most sensitive of skin types.

The eyelash serum produces new lashes and reduces eyelash loss by soothing, nourishing, and stimulating the eyelash follicles. As it generates healthier regrowth, it also works on repairing any damage your eyelashes may sustain from your makeup and other beauty products.


How Do I Use It?

What is excellent about our Eyelash Growth Serum is that you do not need to make much effort to use it. You can incorporate this into your beauty ritual so you will not risk forgetting it. Trust us; it will become a new, healthy habit your eyelashes will indeed thank you for doing.

Applying it is simple, as well. Just follow these steps:

  1. Wash your face thoroughly. Be sure it is free from any dirt, oil, makeup, and other beauty products. The last thing you need is to have all sorts of irritants entering your eye that will prevent the Eyelash Growth Serum from performing at its best (not to mention you're risking getting eye infections).
  2. Applying the Eyelash Growth Serum is the same as you would use your liquid eyeliner. Just work it along your upper eyelash line’s root, from the outer to the inner corner. Take care not to get any of the serum in your eye. You do not need to go overboard, either.
  3. Use the Eyelash Growth Serum once daily. Again, it is preferable to include it as a part of your nighttime routine.

For best results, avoid rubbing your eyes or eyelashes for apparent reasons. Try not to wear false lashes, either, or go crazy in pumping your eyelashes with a curler. All these unhealthy practices can cause damage to your precious eyelashes. Furthermore, they will only hinder the Eyelash Growth Serum from working correctly (which makes doing the routine pointless).

Just keep doing this as if it were second nature, and you should see results within weeks.


Will It Work?

We know it is so easy for many brands and products to claim efficacy. Once upon a time, we were at the receiving end of those false promises, too. The ensuing heartache you might have felt is what keeps us going to create hair products that stay true to their word.

What makes our Eyelash Growth Serum stand out from the rest is its unique Bio-Pixilin formula. When we said we spared no effort (and expense) to make this new product, we meant it. The formula contains only natural, vegan, and non-irritating ingredients. These have also gone through several studies to ensure they are beneficial to your eyelashes, skin, and overall health.

If you are still skeptical (and we highly encourage you to be when it comes to your health and beauty products), you can read all about the serum’s every ingredient right here.

But let’s be real and factual for a second. Using a bottle of the serum is not going to give you long and thick eyelashes forever. Do remember that hair shedding and regrowth is part of your eyelashes’ growth cycle. The longer, thicker eyelashes you achieve with the serum will fall out eventually, so just keep using the serum to extend the benefits to your newer eyelashes.


Are There Any Side Effects?

You do not have to worry about any unwanted side effects, either. We are extremely meticulous in producing our products, and your safety is our number one priority.

You might have read some horror stories about the skin around your eyes and pupils changing colors when using eyelash serums. Those instances arise when you use products with harsh chemicals like prostaglandin (the culprit responsible for changing the pupil color due to the stimulation of melanin in and around your eye area). And our Eyelash Growth Serum has none of those. We use only the good stuff.


The Takeaway

Having long, thick, and healthy eyelashes is undoubtedly an attractive trait. And there is a surefire way to get those coveted eyelashes through safe and natural means.

With Scandinavian Biolabs’ Eyelash Growth Serum, you can kiss fake eyelashes goodbye and embrace your true beauty with visibly naturally-enhanced peepers that will last you far longer (and better) than any of your falsies and extensions you've used in the past.