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Not everyone is born with beautiful, fluttery eyelashes. We are willing to bet you have gone to great lengths just to make that eye fringe appear longer or thicker, at the very least. From using those glue-on falsies, making regular trips to the salon for eyelash extensions and touch-ups, to trying out all sorts of drugstore mascara variants -- does this sound a lot like you?

Join the club, dear friend. Believe us when we say that we are no strangers to your hardships. Fortunately, this rather arduous journey to achieving the long and voluminous lashes we desire is coming to an end. It is all thanks to the latest and hottest eyelash growth serum in the market right now.


How Do Eyelash Growth Serums Work?

scandinavian biolabs eyelash growth serum

For those who may not have heard about eyelash growth serums yet, these are little clear elixirs made with hydrating and conditioning ingredients. Coat this formula on your eyelashes as part of your beauty routine, and they promise to naturally lengthen and thicken your lashes over time.

It almost sounds like magic to someone who has tried various lash-lengthening products, right? We appreciate the skepticism, which is why we will give you a general breakdown of these eyelash growth serums so you know what you should (and should not) expect when you decide to try one.


Do Eyelash Growth Serums Deliver Results?

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Can these serums really add permanent length and shine to your eyelashes? The answer is a bit more complex and requires an understanding of the hair’s growth cycle. It follows three distinct phases, as summarized below:

  • Anagen (Growing Phase)

      • Hair growth begins at this phase, which lasts between 30 and 45 days. Here, your hair follicles are pushing out hairs that will continue to grow until they reach the end of their lifespan and fall out. Eyelashes normally only grow 0.12–0.14 mm daily.
    • Catagen (Transition Phase)

        • When growth ends, the catagen phase begins and lasts a couple of weeks. Once your lashes have reached their length, the hair follicle begins to shrink. If you pluck an eyelash out during this time, it will not grow back until the phase has run its course.
      • Telogen (Resting Phase)

          • In the last and longest phase of the lash hair cycle, the hair follicles are at rest, and your eyelashes will stay in place until they naturally fall out. The phase lasts around 100 days. It will take approximately 4-8 weeks before new hair replaces the lashes that were shed.

        So, if you are still following, you will understand that eyelash serums cannot lengthen or thicken your eyelashes permanently as they will eventually fall off in due time. But, for as long as current eyelashes are in place, using a good serum can help cut down on the breakage and shedding.

        Some can even make your eyelashes lightly swell, making them appear thicker. The workaround to getting and keeping your eyelashes long and thick is to use the serum continuously.


        How Long Will It Take To See Improvements?

        How long before you see visible results depends on the serum, but, on average, it should take you four to eight weeks. It is worth investing in quality serums with little to no chemicals used in their formula to ensure efficacy and lessen your chances of getting any nasty side effects.

        Yes, there are possible drawbacks to using some eyelash serums (as with most eyelash products and treatments). Let us go over them here real quick:

        • Eye Irritation

          • Since you are applying the serum on your lashes, chances are some of it will most likely get inside your eyes. Like most cosmetics out there, a number of brands still use harmful chemicals in their formulations.
          • Eyelid Pigmentation and Permanent Eye Color Change

            • While this one is less likely to happen, a few eyelash serum consumers have reported the skin around their eyes has visibly darkened. Some of them even say that their once blue eyes have turned into a shade of brown. This discoloration is often caused by an ingredient known as prostaglandin.
            • Unwanted Hair Growth

              • Yes, you do desire hair growth but only on your eyelashes. There are horrendous accounts of users who had grown hair on other parts of their face when they mistakenly or accidentally applied their serum in those areas. Hairy cheeks, anyone?  

            But do not get discouraged yet. If you have made it this far, you are truly deserving to know of the best eyelash growth serum in the market right now. And this miracle elixir is the unicorn of all eyelash serums - it contains no harsh chemicals, no side effects, and uses only natural and plant-based ingredients. We are talking about our very own Eyelash Growth Serum.


            The Best Eyelash Growth Serum

            Scandinavian biolabs eyelash growth serum product mockup

            Launched in late 2020, this eyelash growth serum is curated by some of Denmark’s top scientists and hair loss experts. We have calibrated their multi-peptide Bio-Pilixin formulation to specifically cater to eyelash care and growth.

            As mentioned earlier, this formula contains only natural, vegan, and non-irritating ingredients. There is no sulfate, silicone, paraben, or prostaglandin to be found here. It comes in a six-mL bottle with a soft eye applicator brush (like the ones used for liquid eyeliners) that is safe and suitable to use by both men and women.

            Coating your lashes with this serum will help promote the growth of new and healthier lashes as the formula soothes and nourishes the hair follicles. It also expands the diameter of each eyelash while creating a protective layer around each strand. We can tick the boxes on hair growth and density for this serum!

            But this product does more. It also addresses any damage your existing lashes may have sustained from using falsies, extensions, makeup, or any beauty product. Hair repair and recovery is definitely a bonus we cannot overlook.

            Use it once or twice daily for several weeks to see the difference. Many of its users have reported seeing longer and thicker lashes in just one month. We recommend incorporating it into your morning and night beauty regime for consistency. You can safely apply makeup on your lashes as soon as the serum dries.

            Applying it is easy! After making sure the skin around your eye area and eyelashes are free of makeup and other beauty products, coat those lashes right where they meet the skin, and just leave it on for at least six hours (better if overnight). Do this every day. Consistency is key! 

            If, for whatever reason, you still have doubts about investing your money into this product, do not worry. Around 92% of its users have seen improvements in their hair health and growth. And if you fear you might unlikely fall under the remaining 8%, we offer a money-back guarantee if the product does not work for under a 150-day period. This assures you how the brand cares about your time and finances, but also how confident we are in our serum’s efficacy.


            To Sum It Up

            Eyelash serums work on enhancing the length, width, and growth rate of your eyelashes. One should see visible results within four to eight weeks of continuous use. To ensure the serum will work for you, it is best to invest in one that uses all-natural and non-irritating ingredients so you achieve the most coveted fluttery eyelashes you have always wanted.

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            Written by Christian Harboe

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