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You know that giddy feeling you get when you purchase or receive a new product you have wanted to try? It is always so exciting and tempting to just rip it right out of the box and use it straight away.

At one point in our lives, we are all guilty of disregarding product instructions, thinking they are easy to use anyway. While wanting to do things your way is an admirable trait to have, being a rule-breaker is an absolute no-no when it comes to skin and hair care. Applying your brand new eyelash serum is no different.


The Do’s and Dont’s of Eyelash Serum Application

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Your eyelash serum comes with a set of instructions to allow you to reap its maximum benefits fully and to prevent risks of irritation and misuse. So, apply it right and follow these simple tips:

What Should You Do With Eyelash Serum?

  • Always wash your face to remove any makeup, creams, oils, or dirt that might interfere with the lash serums’ ingredients. This ensures that none of these get in close contact with your eyes and risk irritation. Having clean hands also prevents bacteria from interacting with your eyes and the serum.
  • Just as you would use liquid eyeliner, apply a thin layer of the lash serum along the root of your upper lash line. Use the lash applicator to work at the base of your lashes, from the outer to the inner corner. Be extra careful not to get it in your eye.
  • Use the serum consistently for optimal results. Do not apply it on alternate days or skip some days altogether, thinking you would save more of the serum or that it would not make a difference. Doing this will only interrupt your eyelashes’ growth cycle.
  • To help you not forget about using the serum, place it in a spot you always frequent (i.e., bathroom sink, nightstand, or makeup vanity) and use it at the same time each day (preferably in the morning and nighttime before bed).


What Should You Avoid With Eyelash Serum?

  • Don’t re-dip or use an excessive amount of the serum. Your eyelash serum is already highly concentrated. Copious quantities will not make you get the effects faster or longer (only consistent use will). You will only risk wasting your precious serum and increase the chances of it getting in your eyes.
  • Do not apply the serum to your bottom lashes. While you may be tempted to, you must know that the lower eyelashes have fewer lashes than the upper lashes; so applying serum there will only result in it spreading out, getting in your eye, and causing irritation.
  • It does not matter whether you are in a hurry to rush out; you should never immediately apply makeup straight after using the serum. Using your mascara too soon could prevent the lash serum from been properly absorbed and lead to improper lash growth. Let the serum do its wonders and wait at least 5-10 minutes before applying makeup.
  • The serum will not work if you fail to be gentle with your eyelashes. While you are committed to using your serum, you should avoid excessively scrubbing your eyes, wearing falsies, or overly pumping them with an eyelash curler. All of these cause damage and breakage to your lashes, as well as wasting your efforts in applying the serum.


Can You Use Eyelash Serum On Your Eyebrows?

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Suppose you are looking to maximize the use and benefits of your eyelash serum. In that case, it should please you to know that many eyelash serums in the market today are perfectly suitable to use on your eyebrows. They are just as effective, too, since both eyelash and eyebrow serums share similar ingredients that add fullness and promote new hair growth.

Here are some key ingredients you need to look out for:

  • Peptides

    • These function as the body’s messengers to encourage hair growth and hair follicle activity. They also make a healthy foundation for brows and lashes. But if you have sensitive skin, it might be best to check in with your doctor first.
  • Biotin

    • It is a water-soluble vitamin known to improve energy production to help promote the growth of additional hair follicles.
  • Keratin

    • This is one of a family of fibrous structural proteins that strengthens hair and can make it look full and glossy.
  • Fatty Acids

    • These include lipids, panthenol, or B vitamins -- all of which condition, thicken, and moisturize brows and lashes.


The Best Eyelash Growth Serum

You might be scratching your head now, wondering where you might find such a serum that has all these ingredients and delivers on what it promises. Fortunately for you, our hair loss experts have come up with our own Eyelash Growth Serum

Safe and suitable for use by both men and women, this serum contains only natural, plant-based, and non-irritating ingredients. You need not worry about sensitivity or possible discoloration as there is no sulfate, silicone, paraben, or prostaglandin in its multi-peptide Bio-Pilixin formula.

With all its active ingredients (which are all tried and tested by third-party external laboratories), this powerhouse serum works on producing new and healthy eyelash growth by soothing and nourishing the hair follicles. It also expands the diameter of each eyelash, creating a protective layer around each strand while strengthening its integrity inside and out. And best yet, any damages you might have sustained from using beauty products are repaired with continuous use.

Many of its users are already gushing about how the serum enhanced the appearance of their eyelashes within only a month’s application. And if you are one of the more skeptical consumers, your purchase is secured with our money-back guarantee.

Just document your progress before beginning the treatment, use the serum as directed, and check-in again every after two weeks for the duration of the whole treatment (150-day period). It is a low risk, high reward investment you will regret not making.


To Sum It Up

Eyelash serums come with instructions to make sure you reap their full benefits. Like any other beauty product, using it properly will guarantee longer, denser, and healthier eyelashes. Start with a clean base, apply only the appropriate amount, and use it consistently. Follow the application directions and you are on your way to getting the healthy, long, and full eyelashes you deserve.

Your lashes will thank you,

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Written by Christian Harboe

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