guy looking at his hair, worried.
Written by
Morgan German

Act Early to Avoid Hair Loss

A receding hairline might feel okay--until it doesn’t.

It may seem subtle at first:

  • some extra shedding
  • a receding hairline
  • thinness around the temples
  •  thin, brittle hair overall

But take caution! 

Be one step ahead of hair loss to avoid the pressure of taking a high risk .

Thin, brittle hair Shedding extraScandinavian Biolabs has heard the cries of hair loss. But most importantly, the cries of thousands that have suffered at the hand of the hair loss pharmaceutical behemoths (minoxidil and finasteride).

On hair loss forums, many of their victims have advised an insightful warning: Do not put yourself in unnecessary risk due to the society pressures to have full, thick hair.

The Scandinavian Biolabs Solution

Scandinavian Biolabs entered the market to help fight against hair loss while offering a no risk solution. 

We approached highly qualified biochemical engineers to develop the unique, all-natural Bio-Pilixin® Formula.

We proudly present the Hair Growth Routine: the low risk, high reward solution to treat hair loss.

Limit The Risk!

Scandinavian Biolabs’ products are:

  • Not Suspected of Any Endocrine-Disrupting Effects (Hormones)
  • Not Suspected of Any Carcinogenicity Toxicity (Cancer Risk)
  • No Indication of Harmful Effects

  • Are the Popular Go-To Solutions the Right Choice?

    Drastic hair loss leads to anxiety, depression, and damaged insecurity. People make hard decisions to find hair loss solutions, mostly at the expense of other health risks and heavy money investments.

    Finasteride is known to cause erectile dysfunction, lower libido, depression, etc. In 2016, the World Health Organization reported 59 suicides related to Post-Finasteride Syndrome (PFS).

     Minoxidil’s side effects include blurred vision, fast or irregular heartbeat, chest pain, acne, allergies, etc. Minoxidil loses its effects once usage is stopped; meaning that to benefit its effect, there has to be continuous exposure to its side effects.

    Scandinavian Biolabs: The Better Alternative

    • 177% Hair Growth Proliferation

    • Up to 89% Hair Loss Reduction after 150 Days

    • Up to 52% Hair Density Increase after 150 Days

    • 13,500 New Hair Strands On Average

    It is not just the low risk that makes Scandinavian Biolabs’ Hair Growth Routine the better alternative.

    A key active ingredient, Capilia Longa, is considered the natural, more sustainable version of Minoxidil.

    Capilia Longa: The Natural, More Sustainable Version of Minoxidil

    Capilia Longa reverses the biological clock and fosters ‘younger’ cells that are capable of producing strong, thick hair. Healthy follicles form better anchorage to hair shafts, increasing hair density significantly. 

    Capilia Longa rapidly grows hair up to 177% on the Proliferation Index, compared to Minoxidil’s 169% growth factor.

    The Hair Growth Routine costs only £50.99 per month with subscription. A price that brings new meaning to low-risk, high reward for natural quality products. 

    With customer's personal accounts, subscriptions can be adjusted for personal preferences: delivery frequency, skipping orders, or cancellation.

    To ensure the results, Scandinavian Biolabs offers a 150 day Money-Back Guarantee. If the results don’t show, there is eligibility to receive 100% money-back guaranteed.

    Low-risk, high reward.

    Get started today!