Best Hair Growth Products

Best Hair Growth Products

At a point in our lives while growing up, we each form a mental image of ourselves.
We develop a picture of our face and body, an image of how we think others see us. When we look in a mirror, we identify with what we see and inwardly say, “That’s me.” Even without a mirror, we have an idea of the image of ourselves that we project to the world.

But as a man or woman begins to lose hair, the image in the mirror no longer matches the internal self-image developed over many years. This can be disturbing since we pretty much feel the same as before. Hair loss does not affect our physical health, but it does make us look older. When we see our reflection in the mirror, a different image confronts us. We protest, “That isn’t me.”

Our hair is one of the most defining aspects of our appearance. A healthy head of hair makes us look attractive, youthful, and desirable. Our appearance directly affects our own self-image, and most of us want to maintain a self-image that is youthful and healthy-looking.

Our appearance also affects how we interact with other people, both in how others respond to how we look, and how our appearance affects our own self-confidence. Having a full head of hair can improve the quality of our life, our success in business relationships, and our success in romance.

But despite the fact that losing hair, and even going bald, is part of the normal process of ageing, we often don’t accept it. At age forty, most people feel pretty much the same as they did at age thirty, or even age twenty. Confronted with hair loss, people may begin to feel foreign to themselves and somewhat disoriented. This discomfort results in a desire to return to the former, more youthful appearance. Today there are many cosmetic, medical, and surgical options for people who really want to do something about hair loss.

Countless medications, nutrients, herbs, and chemicals have been claimed to stop or reverse hair loss, however, when tested scientifically in well-controlled, double-blind clinical trials, almost none have been proven to be effective. Of course, hundreds of bogus hair loss products continue to make claims about their effectiveness, including presenting bogus “testimonials” by medical doctors and users, “scientific evidence” of effectiveness, and even fake results from “well-controlled, double-blind clinical studies.” In Europe alone, hundreds of millions of euros are wasted each year on “medical” treatments for hair loss products that simply do not work.

We aim to have the best natural hair growth products on the market. As with everything, things take time and you need to commit in order to see results. Expect up to 150 of daily use, before see hair growth. Remember that you can get 15% off, if you choose to subscribe to our "Subscribe & Save" package. 

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