Best Eyelash Growth Serum For Length & Thickness

Cosmetically enhancing the thickness, length, and shade of eyelashes is a multimillion-dollar business; however, paradoxically, very little is known about the biology of human eyelashes. The eyelashes have long been recognized as an important facet of physical beauty.

Beauty experts have often associated enhanced appearance of the eyes of women with significantly greater attractiveness. A beautiful eye is also associated with social advantages. Many cultures around the world associate long and full lashes as a symbol of beauty and femininity, whereas the loss of eyelashes is a symbol of lower social status and psychosocial distress. Women, therefore, consider longer and thicker eyelashes to be desirable and has been described as having a positive psychological effect.

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Eyelashes are more than purely aesthetic in its essence. By defending the eye against debris and triggering the blink reflex, they serve a protective function against airborne particles.

Eyelash enhancing methods

Women, and men, have several options for enhancing the appearance of distinction of their eyelashes. Generally, the use of mascara is the preferred method of enhancing lashes. Mascara uses waxes, pigments, and resins to lengthen, thinker, and darken the lashes. However, the effects of mascara are temporary and subject to smudging.

Another method to enhance the eyelashes are the use of artificial eyelashes or eyelash extensions, that can stay in place for several weeks and offers a more permanent solution. However, methacrylate-based adhesives are often used in order to hold the lassoes in places and are typically removed using solvents - which both can be subject to allergic reactions for some people.

Furthermore, an invasive permanent method of increasing the distinction of the eyelashes is the transplantation method, which transfers hair follicles from the scalp onto the margins of the eyelid. This method needs regular care such as curling and trimming, as the hair follicles have scalp hair qualities.

Eyelash growth serum by Scandinavian Biolabs

A more natural hair growth option is the Bio-Pilixin Formula from Scandinavian Biolabs. The formula consists of two proprietary forms, Capilia Longa and tailored Amino acid blend. Capilia Longa is a pure plant cell hair growth formula and is rich in curcuminoids, primarily curcumin. The formula achieves hair growth through a 100% biological approach, where it produces an epigenetic rest of the hair bulb, thus restating the activity of the dermal papilla cells. The tailored amino acid blend is designed to penetrate the hair follicle.

The Bio-Pilixin Formula consists of essential amino acids, acting as a building block for proteins, that your body is unable to produce itself. The blend contains key elements necessary for hair to produce keratin and is essential for healthy hair. The amino acid blend works by causing the blood vessels to relax, knows as vasodilation.

Eyelash properties and the hair cycle

On each upper eyelid, eyelashes are arranged into three rows for approximately 100 to 150 lashes in total. The number and distribution of hair follicles are determined before birth and remain constant throughout life. Even though there is no therapeutic approach for increasing the number of follicles, change in the hair cycle can affect the number and quality of the hairs visible. The Bio-Pilixin Formula works by extending the Anagen phase in the hair cycle, by treating the follicles with the right nutrients and protective agents.

Of all the eyelash re-growth products that are available commercially today, the Bio-Pilixin Formula is the most well studied and it has been shown to increase eyelash darkness, thickness, and length greatly.

CAPILIA LONGA PPF is able to produce an epigenetic reset of the hair bulb, reactivating the activity of these latent dermal papilla cells and promoting the hair follicle regeneration to create new hair.