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Eyelash Growth Serum 6ml

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The formula works to produce new eyelashes by soothing and nourishing the hair follicles, expanding the diameter of each eyelash, and creating a protective layer around each strand.
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"Strongly recommend 3-months order since stimulating inactive and underperforming hair follicles is a process that takes time.”
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150 Day Money-back Guarantee
Scandinavian Biolabs users can experience new hair growth, along with stronger, healthier hair, in the 150-day treatment period. However, we also acknowledged that some users will have limited compatibility with the product.
Therefore, Scandinavian Biolabs ensures that anyone that experiences no results after 150 days of using the Bio-Pilixin® Hair Growth Routine and Eyelash Growth Serum as prescribed is qualified for a complete refund of their investment.
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Morgan German, Head of R&D
"Research suggests that daily scalp massages may enhance hair regrowth. Strongly recommend incorporating the Scalp Stimulating Massager to support the Hair Growth Routine."
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Scalp Stimulating Massager
With the dual function of exfoliating and stimulating the scalp, it assists the 3-step routine with hair regrowth while promoting a balanced, healthier appearing scalp.
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"Scandinavian Biolabs delivers the first 100% natural solution to help manage hair loss."

Eyelash Growth Serum
  • Function

    • The serum naturally stimulates follicles, expands diameter of eyelashes from within, forms a protective layer around each eyelash, and counteracts the depletion of eyelash hair by epigenetically resetting the hair follicle and naturally nurturing the skin in the surrounding area.

  • Directions

    • Step 1: Ensure that the skin around the eye area and eyelashes are free of makeup and other beauty products.

      Step 2: Apply the Eyelash Growth Serum where the eyelashes meet the skin, in the same manner as with a liquid eyeliner. Let the serum absorp and leave at least 6 hours before cleansing. Once dry, make-up can be applied. 

      Step 3: Use the Eyelash Growth Serum 1-2 times daily (morning and night).

  • Ingredients

    • Aqua, Curcuma Longa Callus Conditioned Media, Pentylene Glycol, Phytic Acid, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Glyceryl Glucoside, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1,
      Sodium PCA, Sodium Lactate, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, PCA, Glycine, Alanine, Serine, Valine, Proline, Threonine, Isoleucine, Histidine, Phenylalanine, Amaranthus Caudatus Seed Extract, Biotin, Panthenol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid

Frequently Asked Questions
  • When Will The Results Begin To Show?

    • The active ingredients in the Bio-Pilixin® formula are scientifically proven to begin establishing naturally stronger and healthier eyelashes from using the Eyelash Growth Serum within the first week. The peptides reduces any shedding of eyelashes within 5 weeks. 

      Visible results start appearing after 4 to 6 weeks of continuous use, depending on personal receptiveness to the product. Continued use results in sustainably denser, longer and healthier lashes. The product usage is recommended for at least 150 days. If the treatment is interrupted, the eyelashes will go back to their previous form, which will occur very slowly after a long exposure to the active ingredients of the serum. 

      The time to reach full effect will differ from person to person, depending on the user's receptiveness to the active ingredients. Therefore, some users will experience an effect faster than others.

  • Are The Ingredients Clinically Proven To Show Results?

    • Yes. Each key active ingredient is selected for its clinically-proven efficacy and naturalness. The components of the formula are fully disclosed under Ingredients. Every ingredient in the Eyelash Growth Serum has passed several tests to prove its safety as well as healthy hair and skin claims. 

      Don't take our word for it, though. Try it for yourself, see the results within 5 months of continuous use, or get your money back! We recommend documenting your progress every few weeks to see the full effects on your eyelashes.

  • Are There Any Side Effects?

    • Scandinavian Biolabs is fully aware of the potential side effects that could potentially come with treating eyelashes. The all-natural, 100% vegan products were developed to ensure sustainably effective products, while limiting their side effects. Any side effects that may occur with the products are natural and may be a result of pre-existing conditions. Such reactions are rare and do not impact a user’s overall health. Like with any product, if irritation occurs over longer periods the consultation of a physician is recommended.

  • How Does The Eyelash Growth Serum Work?

    • The Eyelash Growth Serum’s formula works to grow and strengthen eyelashes, stimulating hair follicles. Scandinavian Biolabs' team of scientists chose only the best, natural and scientifically effective ingredients, with each active ingredient performing a unique function and benefitting every indivdual’s hair. The main functions are: stimulating activity in the follicles to increase growth, penetrating and expanding each eyelash from within to increase, as well as forming a protective layer around each eyelash to increase its density.

  • Will it Change Eye Color Or Darken Eyelids?

    • Unlike most hair serums, the Eyelash Growth Serum does not contain prostaglandin which has been known to change the pupil color due to the stimulation of melanin in and around the eye area. Products with prostaglandin may also cause discoloration on the eyelid and surrounding skin. The Eyelash Growth Serum's formula is safe to use and will not change the eye color, nor darken the eyelids.

  • What Happens When The Eyelash Growth Serum Is Discontinued?

    • Eyelashes naturally follow a growth cycle, starting with a eyelash emerging and ending with detachment from the follicle, before a new eyelash emerges again. Therefore, like with vitamins, the benefits from using the Eyelash Growth Serum will diminish over time if usage is discontinued.

      The cycle goes on for about three months, consisting of growth, degradation and resting phases. On average, a person sheds 1-4 eyelashes per day. The Eyelash Growth Serum provides the eyelashes a boost during their growth phase.

      When user stops applying the serum, the natural growth cycle will run its course, and the eyelashes will continue its regular shedding and grow back to its normal length. The main benefit of using the serum is growing back new, healthier eyelashes and resetting the growth cycle. However, it is perfectly safe and recommended to use the serum every day for long periods of time, optimally for at least 150 days.

Natural, Vegan, Non-Toxic
Active Ingredients
  • D-Biotin B7

    • Function: Increases the body’s ability to absorb protein, assists in hair regrowth and improvement in overall hair quality. 

      Description: Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is a part of the B vitamins. It also goes by as vitamin B7, vitamin H, and Coenzyme R. This essential vitamin helps convert certain nutrients into energy and plays a vital role in the overall health of the hair, skin, and nails.

  • D-Panthenol 75W

    • Function: Moisturizes hair follicles, increases the diameter of hair strands, influences the growth of hair strands

      AakoVit P75 is a 75% aqueous solution of pure D-Panthenol stabilized with citric acid and is the more stable alcohol form of  Vitamin B5. As a topical solution, it stimulates wound-healing, acts as a good moisturizer, and possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation properties. It also has excellent properties for hair care applications for both the hairs and the scalp.

  • Amaranth

    • Function: Increases volume of hair fibers, adds gloss and shine, helps prevent damage. 

      Description: Amaranth is a water-soluble and natural plant source from an ancient grain. It contains lightweight yet powerful peptides that easily penetrate the hair to provide it with its multi-functional hair benefits such as improving its bounce, movement, and manageability.

  • Bespoke Amino-Acid Blend

    • Function: Improves hair strength and shine, strengthens hair strands making it more resistant to external factors. 

      Description: Applying the Bespoke amino-acid blend externally on the hair produces various cosmetic effects such as moisturizing, strengthening structure, color-protecting, and repairing surface damage.

  • Capilia Longa

    • Function: Prevents and reduces loss of lashes, stimulates hair growth, nourishes and strengthens hair. 

      Description: Capilia Longa is a secretome concentration of totipotent cells from the rhizome of the Turmeric plant. It works to achieve an epigenetic reset of the hair bulb and hair follicle regeneration. 

  • Glycoin

    • Function: Regenerates skin cells. 

      Description: Glycoin is a natural, multi-functional anti-aging and cell-boosting active ingredient. It is known for its multiple skin benefits by reactivating the power of youth in aged or stressed skin cells.

  • Myristoyl MP17

    • Function: Repairs hair follicles, promotes fast hair regrowth allowing the serum to generate results in a shorter timeframe. 

      Description: Myristoyl MP17 is a micro protein that activates the creatin synthesis. It is a signal peptide which can activate the expression of the keratin gene, promoting the density and growth of eyelash and hair.

  • Biotinoyl Tripeptide

    • Function: Stimulates hair growth, prevents shedding, restores hair volume and shine, strengthens and firms eyelashes. 

      Description: Also goes by germinal peptide, Biotinoyl Tripeptide is a combination of Vitamin H (Biotin) and Matrikine series GHK. It is one of the main components in hair and lash boost products given its hair stimulating properties. It helps to promote hair bulb keratinocyte proliferation and optimal hair anchorage by stimulating the synthesis and organization of the adhesion molecules laminin 5 and collagen IV.

Read the full ingredients list here

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150 days

Money back guarantee
Finding hair products with effective and sufficient results can be an arduous task that many suffering from alopecia (hair loss) endure.

While many consumers have experienced positive results in 150 days, we acknowledges that complete universal compatibility is unattainable.

Therefore, Scandinavian Biolabs stipulates a Growth Guarantee to ensure that every customer gets their ideal outcome without a loss in financial investment.

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