Can Kratom Cause Hair Loss? Side Effects and Solutions

Medically reviewed by Dr. Bilal Khan M.B.B.S.
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Kratom, a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, is known for its unique effects that can range from stimulant-like energy to opioid-like relaxation, depending on the dosage. Despite its potential benefits, concerns have been raised about possible side effects, including hair loss. This article aims to delve into the question: "Can kratom cause hair loss?"

Can Kratom Cause Hair Loss?

While it is theoretically possible that high-dose, long-term use of kratom could lead to hair loss, there is no concrete evidence to conclusively support this theory. Some users have reported hair loss, but these instances are infrequent and often involve other potential contributing factors.

The Link Between Kratom and Hair Loss

There are several theories as to why some kratom users experience hair loss. One is that kratom can stimulate the immune system, leading the body to prioritize white blood cell production over other processes, including hair formation. Kratom might also cause physical stress on the body, manifesting as a rapid heart rate, vomiting, and potentially hair loss.

Other Factors Contributing to Hair Loss

It's essential to consider that hair loss can be attributed to various factors, including aging, other medications, health conditions, or even stress. Kratom does not affect Testosterone levels in the body. Instead, it promotes immune function, pushing hair growth down the line as it is not necessary to for immunity. If these hormone levels are disrupted, hair loss can occur. However, it's important to remember that these potential effects are typically associated with high-dose, long-term usage.

Managing Kratom-Induced Hair Loss

If you suspect kratom may be contributing to hair loss, there are several steps you can take. Consider reducing your kratom dosage or increasing the time between doses. Also, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, regular exercise, and taking multivitamins can support hair health. However, if hair loss continues, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare provider.


In conclusion, while there have been some reports of hair loss associated with kratom use, there is no definitive evidence linking the two. Hair loss is a complex issue with numerous potential causes. If you're a kratom user experiencing hair loss, consider your overall health, lifestyle, and kratom usage habits, and consult with a healthcare provider to explore all potential factors and solutions.

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