Does Onion Juice Really Help With Hair Growth? Debunking Myths & Facts

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Does onion juice really help promote hair growth? This is a common hair care question that many people have. Onion juice is something that has been used historically as a home remedy for hair loss and thinning hair. However, does the research and science actually support onions as an effective treatment? In this article, we will explore the claims around onion juice for hair growth, review what scientific studies say, and provide tips on how to use onion juice safely if you want to try it.

Does onion juice really help with hair growth?

While anecdotal evidence and folk hair care remedies suggest onion juice may help stimulate hair follicles and promote growth, the scientific research available provides mixed results. Some key points:

Onions contain sulfur compounds that may stimulate hair follicles

Onions are high in sulfur-containing compounds like allyl propyl disulfide and diallyl disulfide. Sulfur is an important mineral for healthy hair and nails. These sulfur compounds are thought to work as stimulants for hair follicles and increase blood circulation to the scalp. Increased blood flow delivers more nutrients to hair follicles, which could support hair growth.

Some studies show benefits, others show no effect or side effects

A few small studies have found positive results from onion juice treatments. One 2005 study of 50 men found that applying onion juice twice daily led to increased hair count and thickness within 4 months. However, other studies have found no benefits or side effects like skin irritation. Larger and more rigorous trials are still needed to confirm onion juice's efficacy according to scientific standards.

Results may depend on application method and individual factors

It's possible the mixed research results are due to variables in how onion juice was prepared and applied between studies. Things like concentration, application frequency, and individual hair/scalp factors may impact outcomes. More concentrated juice applied more often might have better effects for some but irritate others. Proper preparation and testing tolerability is important.

While not conclusive, onion juice does appear to have some hair growth stimulating potential due to its sulfur compounds based on preliminary evidence. However, more extensive research is still needed. Individual responses will also vary depending on hair/scalp type and how the onion juice is used.

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How to use onion juice safely for hair growth

If you want to try onion juice for hair, here are some tips on preparing and applying it safely based on current knowledge:

Prepare fresh onion juice each time

For maximum potency of sulfur compounds, prepare onion juice freshly each time you apply it. Cut onion into small pieces and grind or blend to extract juice. Avoid storing extra juice as sulfur compounds degrade over time when exposed to air.

Use only yellow or white onions

These varieties of onions contain the highest sulfur levels compared to other types like shallots or green onions. Red onions may stain hair and scalp more easily too.

Dilute with a carrier oil

To reduce skin irritation, dilute onion juice 50/50 with a carrier oil like coconut or almond oil before application. Oils help the juice absorb better into the scalp too.

Massage into scalp & leave on for 1 hour before washing

Gently massage onion juice mixture into clean, dry scalp and leave on for an hour before shampooing as usual. This allows time for absorption and reduces odor/staining. Cover hair with a plastic bag/towel to protect clothes.

Start with 2-3x weekly & monitor your tolerance

Begin treatments 2-3 times per week since daily applications may irritate skin. Watch for any redness, itching or discomfort - reduce frequency or discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Be patient as hair grows slowly

It can take 3 months or longer to see results as hair grows at a rate of 1/2 inch per month on average. Stick with treatments for at least 3 months to properly assess onion juice's effectiveness for your hair.

Other home remedies that may help hair growth

While scientific confirmation is still needed, onion juice appears to be a fairly safe home remedy to try. Here are a few other natural options some claim may promote hair growth as well:

Rosemary oil

Massage a few drops of rosemary essential oil into the scalp. The compound rosmarinic acid is thought to boost circulation.

Aloe vera gel

Apply the inner gel from an aloe vera leaf to scalp. Aloe contains hormones, vitamins and minerals said to nourish hair follicles.

Fenugreek seed paste

Soak fenugreek seeds overnight, grind to a paste and apply to scalp. May reduce DHT levels linked to hair loss.

Egg yolk hair mask

Egg yolks contain biotin, protein and fatty acids that condition hair. Leave on for 20 minutes once weekly.

While home remedies can be tried as a complementary approach, serious hair loss requires a doctor's evaluation to identify the cause and discuss safe prescription or OTC treatment options that are proven effective.


In conclusion, despite its folk use for hair care, onion juice has shown mixed results in studies regarding its ability to truly promote hair growth. Preliminary evidence suggests it may stimulate follicles due to sulfur compounds. However, more research is needed to confirm effectiveness according to modern scientific standards. When used correctly and in moderation as part of a routine hair care regime to massage into the scalp, onion juice appears to be a fairly safe home remedy option worth considering. However, be patient as hair grows slowly and further testing may still be required to say definitively if onion juice really works.

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