Does Plucking Stop Hair Growth? Debunking Hair Removal Myths

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Plucking or tweezing unwanted hairs is a common hair removal method. But some wonder if constantly extracting follicles can affect the hair's ability to regrow properly over time.

Does plucking stop hair growth?

When done infrequently and gently, plucking typically does not permanently impede new strands from forming. However, aggressive weekly plucking can temporarily slow regrowth.

Hair Growth Cycle

Each follicle follows a pattern of growth (anagen), rest (telogen), and shedding of the old hair (exogen) before restarting—this full cycle takes 2-6 years to complete.

Plucking Impact

It causes trauma forcing early shedding and restarting the cycle. In moderation, this has little long-term effect. Frequent plucking may stunt follicles' anagen re-growth phase duration.

Allows Exfoliation

Extracting hairs removes dead skin buildup, so follicles aren't clogged. Occasional plucking may even promote better regrowth versus continuously shaved/waxed hair.

Difference from Waxing

Waxing removes entire strands simultaneously, with less risk of breaking hairs that may take longer to regrow after plucking individually over time.

Factors in Permanence

Genetics, technique, and rate of plucking impact permanence. Aggressive ingrown hairs from damaged follicles are also more prone to scarring and eventual hair loss.

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