How Much Does PRP Cost for Hair Loss? Exploring Treatment Investments

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PRP therapy has become a popular treatment approach for battling hair loss. It involves injecting a patient's own platelet-rich plasma into the scalp to stimulate regrowth. But how much does this cutting-edge treatment cost? The price can vary based on your provider, treatment length and number of sessions.

How Much Does PRP Cost for Hair Loss?

On average, PRP for hair loss costs between $500-$1500 per treatment session. Most patients require 2-6 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results, for a total cost ranging from $1000-$9000.

Per Session Cost

Each PRP session typically costs $500-$1500 depending on your provider. Reputable hair restoration clinics often charge more.

Number of Sessions

Most need 3-6 sessions done at 4-6 week intervals for cumulative benefits. Maintenance sessions may follow periodically.

Total Cost Range

With multiple sessions, the total cost for a full PRP treatment plan averages $1000-$9000 overall.

What Impacts the Cost of PRP Therapy?

Several factors affect PRP pricing:


Dermatologists and hair centers charge more than medspas. Large cities are pricier.

Blood Draw Method

Manual drawing is cheaper than an automated centrifugation system.

Number of Treatment Areas

Treating the full scalp costs more than a focal area of hair thinning.

Number of Sessions

Each session adds to the total cost. More severe cases need more sessions.

Adjunct Treatments

Some add microneedling or light therapy, increasing the price per treatment.

Ways to Reduce PRP Therapy Cost

If the price of PRP is prohibitive, you may consider:

Shopping Around

Compare different providers to find good value - avoid extreme low or high costs.

Negotiating Cost

Ask if a package discount or prepaying reduces the per session fee.

Splitting Up Areas

Break up scalp sections over multiple sessions to spread out costs.

Using Insurance

Some insurance companies cover a portion if linked to an covered diagnosis.

Exploring Alternatives

Ask about more affordable platelet and growth factor therapies.

Is PRP Worth the Cost for Hair Loss?

For the right candidates, PRP can be highly effective for stimulating new growth. Benefits may include:

Good Safety Profile

Using your own plasma limits adverse reactions.

Natural Mechanism

Platelet growth factors harness the body's healing powers.

No Daily Treatment

Sessions are just every 4-6 weeks unlike daily drugs.

Synergistic Effects

PRP enhances results when combined with other treatments.

Lasting Improvements

Studies show PRP can maintain regrowth long-term.

The Bottom Line

Platelet-rich plasma is an effective hair restoration therapy, albeit at a higher price point. But for those seeking a natural alternative to drugs and willing to invest in their hair's health, PRP may provide lasting improvement that makes the cost worthwhile.

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