What Kind of Olive Oil for Hair Growth: Choosing the Right Type for Your Tresses

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Olive oil has long been used for its perceived benefits for hair and scalp health. However, with different types of olive oil available, it's worth understanding which varieties may be best for promoting hair growth. This article explores the properties of various olive oil types and provides guidance on what kind is likely most effective for stimulating new hair.

What kind of olive oil for hair growth?

For the purposes of hair growth, extra virgin olive oil may be the best choice out of the various olive oil options. Extra virgin olive oil undergoes the least processing and contains the highest concentration of polyphenols and antioxidants compared to other types.

The types of olive oil explained

Here's a breakdown of the main olive oil categories based on processing methods:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made by pressing olives without heat or chemicals. It has a low acidity level (<0.8%) and vibrant flavor from natural antioxidants. Best choice for hair growth.

Virgin Olive Oil

Similar production to extra virgin but can have a higher acidity (max 2%). Still contains beneficial compounds but to a lesser extent.

Refined Olive Oil

Made from refined olive pomace, the leftover pulp. More refined and processed, stripping out natural polyphenols and antioxidants.

Olive Oil

Least refined with acidity below 1%. A blend of refined and virgin olive oil.

Why extra virgin supports hair growth

Extra virgin olive oil contains key compounds that may help stimulate hair follicles. Research links its polyphenols like oleocanthal to reducing inflammation on the scalp and supporting circulation. The improved blood flow can deliver more nutrients to follicles, potentially promoting stronger, thicker hair.

The squalene content in extra virgin olive oil also makes it a highly moisturizing oil for the scalp and hair strands. This hydration may reduce breakage and scaling while nourishing follicles in a way that supports growth.

Compared to other types, extra virgin retains the highest levels of these polyphenols and other antioxidants since it's the least processed. For this reason, it's generally considered best for hair growth goals.

How to use extra virgin olive oil for hair

To maximize benefits for growth, extra virgin olive oil can be used in these ways:

- As a pre-shampoo scalp massage, focusing on the roots to stimulate follicles and increase blood flow.

- As a pre-poo treatment - gently rub a coin-sized amount on dry hair before shampooing to deeply condition strands from root to tip.

- As a hot oil treatment - heat a small amount in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, massage thoroughly onto scalp and leave on for 30 mins before shampooing.

- Mixed with other carrier oils as a leave-in conditioner to hydrate hair and seal in moisture while enhancing the scalp.

- Used 1-2 times per week for best results while allowing hair to air dry to avoid stripping oils with heat tools.

While clinical research specifically on olive oil and hair growth is still emerging, the known properties of extra virgin olive oil indicate it could support healthier, thicker hair over time for those looking to stimulate follicles naturally.

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