Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding Scandinavian Biolabs and its products.


What Does Scandinavian Biolabs Represent?

SCANDINAVIAN represents simplicity, practicality and effectiveness with elite quality products.

BIO stands for the all-natural, 100% vegan ingredients used to achieve natural hair growth and nurture a healthier head of hair.

LABS indicates the authenticity and clinically confirmed effectiveness of each engineered peptide (active ingredients) in sustaining healthier hair growth.

What Causes Hair Loss for Men?

Studies find that 2 out of 3 men will experience some form of alopecia (hair loss) by age 35. A cause for alopecia is the inhibition of hair follicles by hormonal blockage, particularly androgen, causing obstructive inflammation.

An imbalance in the endocrine system may lead to high concentrations of hormones. This can ‘smother’ hair follicles, resulting in the shrinking of glands and bulges from swelling, leading to thinner, more brittle hair strands.

Environmental triggers, such as stress and potent toxins or drugs, and genetic factors can also contribute to follicular inhibition, resulting in alopecia.

What Causes Hair Loss for Women?

Studies show that 1 out of 3 women already experience some onset form of alopecia (hair loss) in their 20s. Environmental triggers and polygenic factors are key contributors to alopecia. The cause can be multifactorial, so diverse, natural active ingredients are important in revitalizing hair.

Environmental triggers include stress, vitamin deficiency and side effects from potent toxins or drugs, etc. Alopecia can be a result of hormonal imbalance, though the role of androgens remains unclear for women. The 3-Step Hair Growth Routine aims to calm inflammation, nurture new growth and supply sufficient nutritional delivery to the roots of follicular cells. 

How Do You Use Hair Growth Routine?

Instructions for Hair Growth Routine | For Women: here
Instructions for Hair Growth Routine | For Men: here

What is Capilia Longa?

Capilia Longa is a peptide-based compound that prompts epigenetic reprogramming to regulate the chromatin structure of the hair bulb. This process reverses the biological clock and fosters ‘younger’ cells that are capable of producing strong, thick hair fibers. Healthy follicles form better anchorage to hair shafts, increasing hair density significantly.

Are the Products Sourced Locally?

Development of formulations, testing and production occurs in close proximity to Scandinavian Biolabs headquarters in Denmark. This allows intimate control over the various activities, ensuring elite quality for the SBL products. Scandinavian Biolabs sources the best natural ingredients from all over the world, and minimizes its CO2 footprint through limited bulk purchases—SBL acknowledges this is not enough and is actively exploring greener alternatives for its products.

Does It Have Any Effect on All Body Hair?

The products from Scandinavian Biolabs have an effect on every living hair follicle across the body where they are applied on.

SBL recommends following the step-by-step guides and to only apply the products on the intended areas of treatment.

Does an Increase in Hair Loss Occur After Applying Growth Serum?

An increase in hair loss may occur during the initial application of the Hair Growth Serum. This is a completely natural and normal consequence of the treatment and is often a positive indication for the serum’s effectiveness. A reason for a sudden, but brief, increase in hair loss is due to hair follicles becoming more nutritionally balanced, functional, healthy and normalized.

The science behind this phenomena is inflicted by the inflammation of hair follicles, caused either by the inhibition of dermal papilla cells, nutritional deficiency or some other cause that affects functionality. As a result, the bulb in mature dermal papilla swell and shrink, weakening the anchorage of the root sheath. When the inflammation subsides and the cells normalize, the swelling decreases and the bulb expands back to its intended size.

Consequently, this loosens the anchorage of already established hair strands and leads to an increase in shedding. Once the hair follicles are healthy again, there should be stronger anchorage along with healthier hair strands for the next generation of hair cells. The Hair Growth Serum needs to be applied daily and allowed to settle on the scalp for at least 6 hours for full interaction with dermal cells.

Are There Any Duty Fees for Non-EU Countries?

Orders that are shipped to non-EU countries may be subjected to additional import surcharges, such as duty fees and import taxes, which will be collected upon delivery. Import charges are normally based on the item’s price, weight, dimensions and country of origin, as well as any local taxes, duties and fees.

Scandinavian Biolabs cannot be held liable for additional surcharges invoked by non-EU customs and import control, or any external shipping arrangement outside of SBL’s service provider: Link Logistics. For more information, please contact the local customs office for the country of delivery.

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