Price Transparency

Knowledge generation: 50%

We’ve partnered with experts in trichology and cosmetic chemistry to ensure you are receiving both reliable products and information.

We not only strive to provide you with reliable products but reliable knowledge within trichology and hair care. With the regular advances in trichology, hair care, and cosmetic chemistry new findings are published regularly. In order to maintain and expand our knowledge base, we’ve partnered with trichologists, formulation chemists, and cosmetic experts to assist with both product development and content generation. Additionally, unlike many cosmetic brands that rely on supplier claims, we invest in studying our formulas, to ensure you are getting exactly what you pay for.

The formulation process: 23%

Purchasing high-performing active ingredients, and formulating locally in Denmark 

A majority of all Scandinavian Biolabs’ ingredients are of natural origin. One of the largest challenges within the cosmetics industry has been formulating natural products that are just as functional as their conventional counterparts. Indeed, products with conventional ingredients are cost-effective –but we have decided to forego many ingredients such as silicones, parabens, and sulfates. For instance, our naturally derived silicone alternative is X times more expensive than conventional silicones. Additionally, our core range of products is produced and manufactured locally in Denmark. While we could easily obtain more competitive prices by producing abroad, local production enables us to easily check the quality of all our productions while minimizing our transportation footprint and establishing fair social conditions for all employees. 

Transport: 19%

The shipping of raw materials to our Danish production site.

While we produce locally, formula functionality reigns supreme. This means that we have looked beyond Denmark to get the very best ingredients from suppliers. The transport costs entail the movement of raw materials and everything we need to build the finished product.

Employees and culture: 8%

Allocated towards our hardworking team to ensure employee health and fulfillment are met 

The remaining 8% of our costs are allocated towards our hardworking team. This includes employee salaries, our wonderful office space in Copenhagen, and team-building events. As a Danish company, employee health and fulfillment is of the highest priority. This is why we are consistently investing in our team member’s professional and personal ambitions.