Your hair’s new “secret ingredient” is 100% plant-based

Stop stressing about the future of your hair or hiding thinning spots. 

Now you can hit pause on the root cause of shedding — without worrying about drug-based side effects.

Hear from women like you who are reporting reduced hair shedding and thicker hair in as few as 30 days, with clinically tested outcomes in just 5 months. 


Active ingredients don’t have to be scary

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s worse. 

Seeing so much hair in the drain or reading the list of side effects possible with drug-based hair growth treatments.

The price for hair growth can be too high.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can target hair shedding with a drug-free formula. 

You just need to find one that targets hair loss at the root. 

The key? Active ingredients that lengthen your hair’s growth phase.

This “secret ingredient” is boosted for better growth

Curcuma Longa gets a lot of hair growth buzz.  Yet, Curcuma alone is only so-so… 

However, when you isolate and enhance the active compounds in Curcuma, you get Capilia Longa™. 

This proprietary natural active ingredient is like a boosted version of Curcuma Longa (made with nothing but the plant itself).

Combined with other active, plant-based molecules, Capilia Longa™ is the star ingredient in Bio-Pilixin®, tested with results to promote new hair growth.


Bio-Pilixin® resets the “hair bulb” and activates resting growth cells

In a clinical trial, Bio-Pilixin® has been demonstrated to promote hair follicle regeneration and new hair creation. 

It works by resetting the “hair bulb” at a cellular level, and reactivating resting cells that play a pivotal role in hair formation, growth, and cycling.

The Hair Bulb: Where Hair Growth Happens
At the base of the hair follicle, the bulb is your hair’s “factory” of production. Inside the bulb…

• Dermal Papilla supply cells with nutrients and oxygen vital to producing healthy hair

• Matrix Cells promote growth by constantly dividing and actively pushing out the hair shaft

• Cycles of hair growth (anagen), regression (catagen), and rest (telogen) are regulated

It works at a cellular level to ...

• Generate new hair

• Keep hair growing

• Control the length of your hair growth cycle (so you keep hair longer)

This unique and entirely plant-based, drug-free formula also boosts blood circulation in the scalp, helping to prevent hair loss.

The result?

Stronger hair follicles, less shedding and healthier hair growth.

Get the Complete Hair Growth Routine

150-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Hear from people like you who are getting results with Scandinavian Biolabs

Bio-Pilixin® is tested in a clinical trial with women aged 19 to 62

Bio-Pilixin® is one of the only drug-free hair loss products that has been tested with women of all ages experiencing hair thinning from a range of causes. 

In a clinical trial, participants who used Bio-Pilixin® experienced:

  • 77% saw less shedding after just 45 days
  • 93% had a tested reduction in hair loss after 150 days
  • 73% had a measured increase in density after 150 days

Early signs of hair loss? For regrowth, that’s good news

Most women notice shedding as soon as it starts. That’s your cue to start stimulating your hair follicles with Bio-Pilixin®. In the early stages of hair shedding loss, your follicles can start growing new hair, faster, with help from Bio-Pilixin®. That’s why the earlier you start, the better results you can achieve.
Money-Back Guarantee

How soon can you expect results?

The sooner you start using Bio-Pilixin®, the sooner you can feel confident in your hair

Get in the Scandinavian Biolabs routine, and in just a couple of months you could be enjoying thicker, fuller, faster-growing hair with noticeable baby hairs in spots where your scalp was showing. That means more compliments and far more confidence. 

"The Bio-Pilixin formula, among other carefully chosen ingredients, contains niacinamide, which has proven benefits for hair health. It improves blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle."
Edna Skopljak - Medical Doctor