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10% to the Coral Reef restoration

The Coral

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Adopt a virtual coral fragment to support Reefscapers’ mission to Save the Reefs
  • Make a direct contribution to the health of our ocean
  • 100% of your purchase will go directly to Reefscapers
  • Experience your impact through Reefscapers’ reef monitoring program
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The Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are considered “rainforests of the sea” and account for nearly 25% of all marine biodiversity. By purchasing a coral fragment you are donating directly to Reefscapers, a team of marine biologists working to ensure a brighter future for our seas.

Coral Frame Construction

Many livelihoods in the Maldives are centered around the sea. Whether it’s tourism, fishing, or diving, the sea plays an essential role in their daily activities. Reefscapers works exclusively with local community members to build coral frames, raising awareness of the importance of marine biodiversity. By doing so they are enabling locals to partake in marine conservation, building a better future for the Maldives. 

Coral Harvesting & Propagation

Once the frames are built, the Reefscapers team harvests fragments of coral that have been naturally displaced from natural forces such as storms, humans, or sea life and are carefully transplanted onto the frames.

Coral Frame Deployment

After the coral fragments are propagated onto the frame, the frames are deployed off of various islands in the Maslives.

Coral Monitoring

One of the most critical phases of coral restoration is monitoring its progress. The program involves long-term monitoring and maintenance. All the coral frames are bi-annually monitored, with pictures. All the scientific data of the coral frames are recorded online and visible by the donors at any time, including frame number and dedication, coral species name, and satellite QGIS location map.