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The Ideal Fit for our Hair Loss Program

Kamil Dogan
Medical Director and Lead Scientist
The PRP Lab - London

"Finally! An all organic, paraben free & sulphate free set of amazing products that we can recommend to our clients without hesitation. As experts in PRP treatments, we are always looking at ways to improve our Hair Loss Program. We believe that a combination treatment approach is the most efficient way to treat hair loss.

For years we were searching for the best Hair Loss products for our clients to use at home, and we finally found Scandinavian Biolabs.


“I have just competed my 150 day trial of the system and I cannot believe the results..

It really worked!! I hadn’t looked up there but just kept using it consistently. I could feel an improvement but when I took my after pic and compared it I couldn’t believe the hair regrowth!

I am 51 so thought it may not be so effective at my age and hair-loss stage but it really has made a difference. I am excited to keep using it!”

- Daniel March 2021


“I came across your product and have been using it daily since July (2020). 

I used to have to dye my hair to make it look thicker.

So you will see a colour difference in the pictures (the last four pictures with my natural grey hair colour) however since using your product you will notice a significant change in my hair growth and I no longer bother with hair dye.”

- Gary September 23, 2020 

150 Days

Money-Back Guarantee
Hair growth is unique and finding the right hair products can be a difficult task. This is why Scandinavian Biolabs offers the 150 Days Money-Back Guarantee.

If after 150 days of using the Hair Growth Routine, or Eyelash Growth Serum, no results are achieved, then receive 100% of the invested money back.

Hair growth should be about the results and receiving positive hair care benefits which makes a head of hair healthier, stronger, and denser.

Follow the 6-step guideline to become eligible. Click below to learn more about the 150 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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"Scandinavian Biolabs delivers the first 100% natural solution to help manage hair loss."

Hair Growth Routine

The 3-Step Bio-Pilixin® Routine is developed to prevent hair loss and stimulate growth. Generates healthier, fuller and thicker-looking hair. Experience the all-natural difference.

Hair Growth Routine

Hair loss is not gender-specific. Prevent hair loss with the multifunctional 3-Step Bio-Pilixin® Routine. Witness the growth of new strands, while obtaining strong, healthy, vibrant hair.