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Hair Growth
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  • Clinically tested with results starting at 45 days
  • 93% saw a reduction in hair loss
  • Drug-free & safe for everyday use

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Hair Growth Routine

A 3-step system specially designed to help turn thinning, weak hair and early signs of balding into stronger, fuller-looking strands. Contributes to a balanced scalp environment, encourages growth & less shedding, and supports the vitality and resilience of the hair shaft.

Hair Growth Routine

A root-to-tip routine specially designed to help turn weak and thinning hair into fuller, more vibrant-looking locks in 3 easy steps. Contributes to a balanced scalp environment, encourages growth & less shedding, and supports smoother strands with less breakage and damage.

Before & After

Before you know it...

Using Bio-Pilixin® daily can pay off in just 45 days. Early results could include less shedding in the shower or even compliments from your hairdresser. Clinically tested increase in density can be seen as early as 150 days. (Time flies before you know it.) Continue to see progress when you make Bio-Pilixin® part of your long-term routine.

Hair loss can be reduced

As long as there are active hair follicles, there is a chance for growth. But how to know if they’re active? In most early-stage hair loss cases, the follicles are still capable of growing hair. They just need some help.
The cause
The solution
The results
What’s the cause of hair loss?

Hair loss can be triggered by many factors: genetics, hormones, medication, illness, or lifestyle. But often, these all affect one crucial thing:

The hair’s growth cycle.

Ideally, around 90% of your hairs are actively growing at any one time (growth phase). The remaining 10% are in their resting & shedding phase.

Hair loss happens when these numbers shift toward the shedding phase. 

The solution

To stop shedding and regrow hair, two things need to happen:

1. An increase in the number of hairs in the growth phase.

2. A decrease in the number of hairs in the shedding phase.

While you may not have control over factors like your genetics, research shows that it is possible to rebalance the hair growth cycle.

And often, it can be done by giving nature a helping hand, without medication.

Clinically tested hair growth, without drugs

In our clinical trial, 40 men and women with various backgrounds used the Bio-Pilixin Activation Serum daily for 150 days. Testing found that the serum can help increase the growth phase and decrease the shedding phase.

How did this translate into real-life results?

  • 93% were satisfied with the results
  • 93% had measurably less hair loss
  • 73% had a clinically tested increase in hair density

Experts Speak

Clinical tested and backed by leading experts. Discover why right here.
Clinically Tested Results

Results demonstrated after 150 days

We have developed and trademarked the Bio-Pilixin® formula, which has been clinically tested in a proprietary third-party study. Our Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum demonstrated the following results.


had a clinically tested reduction in hair loss


experience less hair loss


had a clinically tested increase in hair density


of users prefer us over all other solutions they have tried
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