Best Shampoo for Hair Loss: What Is It?

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Hair loss is an unwelcome surprise for more than 56 million Americans every year. I think you will agree when I say that we absolutely despise it. It affects us in devastating ways such as ruining our appearance, damaging our confidence, and making us feel worse every day. Whether you are struggling with perennial hair loss or just want to stimulate hair growth, you found the right place.

Here at Scandinavian Biolabs, we are dedicated to giving you the solution to your hair problems through extensive trials with experienced scientists in the industry. Our product is natural ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in Denmark. We are confident in our efficacy that we will accept returns within 150 days if it doesn't give you the result we promised. Simply put, we are the hair company you have been looking for.

Without further ado, we will jump into everything you need to know about hair loss shampoos and hair growth shampoos.


Why do I lose my hair?

Hair loss, or pattern baldness, is more typical than you might suspect and can occur to anyone. However, the uplifting news is that there are very effective, easy, and inexpensive solutions.

Various factors contribute to male pattern baldness and Hair loss can be hereditary or it can happen as a consequence of aging, hormonal imbalances, or as a side effect from cancer medications - all of which can lead to the loss of stem cells dependable for hair formation during the growth cycle.

The hair follicle cells have a high turnover of molecules through the metabolic pathway and therefore a very active metabolism. This requires a high and stable supply of nutrients and energy. To give a better understanding of hair loss, a little bit of biology must be introduced. Hair growth is a cycle divided into four main phases:

  1. Anagen phase: growth stage of the hair follicle
  2. Catagen phase: Regression and involution stage of hair follicle cycle
  3. Telogen phase: Resting stage of hair follicle cycle
  4. Exogen: Active hair shaft shedding stage of hair follicle cycle

Each hair is at a different stage in the hair cycle.

Over time, the length of the anagen phase decreases. Thus, the hair may become weaker and thinner after completing a cycle. This can be a result of a calorie loss or lack of several macro and micronutrients, such as proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and vitamins.

What is the best shampoo for hair loss?

So, we know there are many reasons for hair loss. But can hair loss be prevented? Anti Hair loss products preventing thinning hair, receding hairline, and balding have existed for some time. However, companies and dermatologists have only recently been able to provide scientific evidence of treatments that work.

The human hair follicle has a complex multi-cell type interaction system with a unique cyclical activity that can - through the four main stages characterized as growth, regression, rest, and regrowth - provide a range of opportunities to prevent hair loss and regrow hair.

Although medical treatment is a useful method for combating hair loss, the treatment can be extremely expensive and unsuccessful. Instead, other techniques such as hair transplantation and naturally made formulas are often just as effective.

Scandinavian Biolabs has collaborated with top dermatologists to develop a natural formula against hair loss called Alpha Anagen Formula. The formula consists of two main compositions: Capilia Longa and a tailored amino acid blend.

Remember hair growth is a slow process and everyone is different. It is recommended that you try a product out for four to five months before you determine whether it is effective or not. Taking before and after photos might help since the change comes gradually.

Wait, what is this Capilia Longa and what does it have to do with the best shampoo for hair loss?

Capilia is the first generation of all-natural and plant-based hair growth formula and is rich in curcuminoids, mainly curcumin. Capilia Longa originated from the plant Curcuma Longa and achieves hair growth reactivation through a biological approach.

It produces an epigenetic reset of the hair bulb, re-starting the activity of the dermal papilla cells. The advanced Capilia Longa formula helps to strengthen hair follicles, stimulate healthier and stronger hair growth, and extend the life of the hair fibres.

The Curcuma Longa plant and the chemical compound curcuminoid have over 400 preclinical trails and more than 1000 publications in the biomedical literature, and thus the most thoroughly researched formulation in biomedicine.

Curcuminoids have a wide variety of pharmacological activities such as antioxidant, antiprotozoal, anti-inflammatory, all of which are beneficial to hair growth. Capilia Longa acts as a hair 3D bioprinter that resets and controls hair growth with a "bio software" that simultaneously nourishes hair growth with an innovative bio-ink.

Amino Acid Blend The Alpha Anagen Formula also consists of a tailored amino acid blend, designed to penetrate the hair follicle. The presence of naturally occurring amino acids in the hair are not well researched, but amino acids applied externally are widely known to interact with the hair positively and produced various cosmetic effects.

The amino acid blend used in Alpha Anagen consists of essential amino acids acting as a building block for proteins, that your body is unable to produce by itself. Furthermore amino acid consists of key elements necessary for hair to produce keratin and is extremely important for healthy hair. Besides its capabilities to restore keratin in the hair, the tailored amino acid blend for our Alpha Anagen Formula is one of the most effective amino acids blends in slowing hair loss.

Several preclinical trials in our Alpha Anagen Formula has shown an increase in the hair strengthening process, revitalize and restore damaged hair. The formula furthermore causes the blood vessels to relax, known as vasodilation. It also helps to moisturize and nourish the scalp for a healthier look.

However, the most positive thing about Capilia Longa and the tailored amino acid blend, they are both 100% naturally made. This is in noticeable contrast to other popular formulas, such as Minoxidil and Finasteride which have serious adverse effects such as skin rash, abdominal pain diarrhea, dizziness, and serious headaches. So look out for brands such as that use Finasteride, it is not a healthy way of regaining your hair.

3 tips for hair loss:

1. It’s best to catch hair loss early
The most obvious sign of balding is a noticeable change in your hairline that you can clearly see in photographs. As with many hair loss conditions, the earlier you seek treatment, the better. Once a part of your scalp has gone completely bald, it can be difficult to encourage that region to regrow the hair it once supported.

2. Brushing your hair is good for the scalp
Brushing stimulates the capillaries of the scalp, increasing blood circulation and the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. Some say this encourages hair growth, even strengthening the roots and diminishing hair loss. The sebaceous glands produce sebum, a protective oil, and a natural conditioner.

3. Your diet has a serious effect on the state of your hair
Your diet is probably the most important factor for healthy hair. After only intestinal cells, hair cells are the second fastest-growing cells in your body. And to add to this, you have around 120,000 hairs on your scalp. These cells need nutrition and nourishment to grow. However, because your hair is not a vital organ or tissue, your body will never prioritize its nutritional needs.

So, a change to your diet can cause your hair loss. If you suddenly decided to become vegan or went on a strict diet out of the blue, without letting your body adapt slowly, can lead to a sudden loss of hair.

Other treatment alternatives

If a hair loss shampoo, conditioner, or serum is not your thing there are other treatments out there to help in the fight against hair loss. Your diet is one of them. Diet plays an important role in the strength and health of your hair. Proteins, fats, and certain vitamins and minerals are especially important for hair health.

People may notice improvements in hair growth when they increase the number of certain foods in their diet, such as eggs which contain protein that is essential for hair growth, and fatty fish as these are a good source of omega-3. Furthermore, preventing vitamin D deficiency can also improve thinning hair.

Some people also use essential oils to boost hair growth. Not much research has been done within this area, however, they are unlikely to be harmful.

Conclusion about the best shampoo for hair loss

Hair loss can happen due to many reasons including diet, stress, post-pregnancy (postpartum), habits, and hereditary causes. There are without a doubt a plethora of hair loss and hair growth options out there for you to choose from. However, after working day and night with dermatologists and pharmacists in Denmark, we have developed some of the most amazing (and effective) haircare products on the market right now. We can back that up by offering a 150 DAYS money-back guarantee if it doesn't show the efficacy we promised.