Scandinavian Biolabs: The Natural Solution For Hair Growth

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Creating practical and tangible products to address real problems is the main reason for the foundation of Scandinavian Biolabs. In this respect, our products focus on promoting hair health, with an emphasis on hair thinning. Additionally, we take pride in effectively assisting the hair care journey of our customers. We’re keen to stand out with our unique formulas that encompass diverse nature-derived ingredients. 

So what are the qualities of our haircare routines, and what can you expect when experiencing our uniquely crafted products? 


What Ingredients Are Incorporated In Scandinavian Biolabs' Products?

Our products are designed on the principle of unparalleled quality using naturally derived ingredients. Through the utilization of solely plant-based materials, our formulations and pioneer innovation have improved continuously. Moreover, all components included in the products are carefully chosen based upon a rigorous review of research, followed by being refined to be 100% vegan, naturally-derived, and non-toxic to promote hair growth effectively and healthily.


The exclusive Bio-Pilixin® formula and potent natural ingredients

Aimed to promote sustainable hair regrowth, our products incorporate our trademark Bio-Pilixin® formula designed upon a review of established scientific research. The formula harnesses the ancient turmeric plant, Curcuma longa, together with multiple active ingredients to support hair follicles, leading to noticeable results in addressing early-stage hair loss. 

Another powerful ingredient in Scandinavian Biolabs' products is the amino acid complex which supports and promotes overall hair shaft health. The amino acid complex is formulated with glycine, alanine, arginine, serine, valine, isoleucine, proline, threonine, histidine, and phenylalanine. 

Bolstering the Bio-Pilixin® formula is a wide selection of natural herbs that aim at nurturing your scalp, hair and ultimately promoting hair growth. These ingredients are chosen based on scientific studies and evaluated by a third-party laboratory to ensure transformative results regarding hair growth. 

Read more about our active ingredients HERE.


What Happens When You Use Scandinavian Biolabs' Haircare Products?

Less hair loss, longer period of growth

Our hair care routines aim to promote hair regrowth by enlarging  the anagen phase and simultaneously, reducing the telogen phase in which all the processes of hair loss and detachment take place. In other words, the products increase the hair growth-related factors within the dermal papilla to optimize hair growth and fix the malfunctioning hair processes within the scalp. 

While the shampoo cleanses hair and enhances the resilience of damaged hair, the conditioner intensively moisturises and recovers hair shafts. Lastly, the hair serum helps revitalize the scalp condition by improving blood flow, increasing essential growth factors and reducing inflammation that may relate to hair loss.


Within 150 Days Of Using

The advantage of our products is that they optimize the hair growth process and interact with the already-existing processes inside the scalp; therefore, there are no drastic effects on the hair, such as adverse hair loss at the beginning. However, since the products attempt to rebalance the hair cycle, it is feasible to say that some hair shed at the onset of using products is possible.

It should also be well aware that immediate results are unjustifiable since all the processes work in tandem with  biology. In this respect, hair loss reduction is noticeable after using the hair care routine for 45 days, and such reduction will be more visible after 90 days.

In fact, we currently have a clinical study in progress and current results have indicated that at the 45-day mark of using our hair growth routine, a reduction of up to 60% in the hair shed is possible, but this of course varies from person to person for instance the average was closer to 15% so it really depends on the individual. 

Meanwhile, it takes 90 to 150 days to see the new hair regrowth. With that said, since hair can last in the anagen phase for up to several years, expecting a drastic difference in hair length and volume after just five months is not probable.

That is why we suggest Subscription Orders where you can secure a long-term treatment for your hair issue while adequately saving your budget. In addition, our Money-Back Guarantee is to ensure that anyone that experiences no results after 150 days of using the Bio-Pilixin® 3-Step Hair Growth Routine and Eyelash Growth Serum as prescribed is qualified for a complete refund of their investment.


 Vytrus Biotech's expert explaining Capilia Longa and expected results within 150 days using the products


It should also be noticed that depending on genetics, predispositions, and other body conditions, the expected results will vary from person to person. It means some will get advanced results and some might not, or some will get the results early, while some will need more time than the average. Notably, if you experience more late-stage forms of baldness or hair loss, the products might not work for you; that to say, to get the best results, the recommendation is that you need to use the products at the early stage of hair loss.

There might be a concern that you are unable to use our products alongside other hair loss treatments, such as minoxidil. Some people worry the combination might decrease the potential effects of each method because of interactions among them. According to the results of different laboratory tests with Capilia Longa, there were no indications of negative interactions or compatibility with any of those elements. In simple words, when using Scandinavian Biolabs' products, you should be able to combine other treatments. However, we always recommend checking with a healthcare provider before doing so, as each individual case is unique. 


What Happens When You Stop Using Our Haircare Routines?

Unluckily, it's infeasible to expect the effectiveness of our haircare products to last forever. Like any other hair growth product, a continuous application is a must since stopping using the products means cutting the progression of the treatment.

Due to the distinct characteristics of hair loss issues, the progress in treating your issue will possibly stop after discontinuing the products. In addition, the hair integrity will regress to its former status, and all results you have gained will recede with time. Therefore, in order to sustain your hair growth and maintain the hair health, the products need to be continuously used for as long as they bring value and provide benefits to you.