Customer Account Features

1. SBL Membership Discount

All subscriptions and added one-time items will have the membership discount of at least 15% on every order as well as free home delivery.

You can also add discounts you may have received from Scandinavian Biolabs promotions to your subscriptions as well.

2. Add/Remove Subscriptions or One-Time Items

As an SBL member, you are able to create new subscriptions or add one-time items to upcoming orders, allowing you to adjust to your needs.

You are also able to remove one-time items or deactivate current subscriptions with no restrictions at any given time.

Note: If you intend to follow the Money-Back Guarantee, please reach out to our Customer Care team before making any changes to ensure you maintain eligibility.

3. Adjust Delivery Frequency

The default delivery frequency is 30 days for 1-month packages and 90 days for 3-month packages. If you need faster delivery or would like to delay, this can be changed to either 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, or 120 days.

4. Edit Payment Method

Gives you the ability to update expired cards or change them if required.

5. Change Delivery Address

With this option, you are able to adjust your delivery address when needed.

Note: An order that has already been placed and fulfilled cannot have its delivery address changed. Please contact Customer Care should this situation occur.

6. View Order Status History

Allows you to check what you have previously purchased at Scandinavian Biolabs.