150 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Finding Effective Results

Finding effective, natural growth-specific cosmetics can be a challenging, tiresome task. Scandinavian Biolabs users can experience new hair growth, along with stronger, healthier hair, in the 150-day treatment period. However, we acknowledge that some users’ receptiveness to the products may vary due to various individual factors. Therefore, Scandinavian Biolabs ensures that anyone that experiences no results after 150 days of using either the Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum or Eyelash Growth Serum, in the way stated below in the six steps, is qualified for a refund of their investment.

How Does the 150 Days Money-Back Guarantee Work?

To be fully eligible for the 150 Days Money-Back Guarantee claim, please follow the following requirements:

How to take photos?

Take a photo pre-treatment of the desired treated area to see 'before' usage.
Use at least five Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serums, five Eyelash Growth Serums or any five bundles containing either of the two.
Use the products daily and as prescribed for at least 150 days. The instructions are stated on the bottle labels and the product pages on the official Scandinavian Biolabs website.
Take a photo every month of the treated area with similar angles and hair style to document and visualize the progress; be sure that the photos are clear and not blurry.
Submit all documented photos after the 150-day period in chronological order and with date stamps to identify the monthly progress.
Provide a brief description of personal usage to clarify product application, if any days were skipped or missed, if other cosmetic products were used simultaneously, ect. This information is to help Scandinavian Biolabs enhance product development and customer service.

150 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Low Risk | High Reward | Effective
Note: The 150 Days Money-Back Guarantee is extended only after the 150-day usage mark and is applicable to only five packages of the given products used (Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum, Eyelash Growth Serum or any kind of bundles featuring of those two products). Any claims placed before 150 days will not be eligible. Additionally, our products are not aimed toward those experiencing late-stage hair loss, scarring alopecia, or acute autoimmune disease. Therefore, our guarantee does not cover any of these forms of hair loss. If you are experiencing any of these issues, or in doubt whether our products are for you, please contact our customer support team. Please refer to the Delivery & Return Policy or Terms & Conditions for any additional questions about other forms of reimbursement.