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Introducing TrichoAI - Our Most Powerful Hair Loss AI Tool
We've made understanding your hair loss simple and accessible. TrichoAI employs the latest AI image recognition technology to help indicate an possible hair loss condition, providing you with the information you need.
Developed with Dermatologists and Hair Specialists
Board-Certified Dermatologists and Hair Specialists

We've collaborated with board-certified dermatologists and hair care experts to deliver trustworthy results.

Dr. Ahsan Khan - Dermatologist
I was skeptical that an AI could match a dermatologist. However, as I developed this tool, I found its accuracy rivals that of a skilled dermatologist.
Edna Skopljak   - Medical Doctor
TrichoAI represents a breakthrough tool to assess hair loss issues very precisely. Not only will this tool help you detect the issue, but it will also give you instructions on how to fix that issue, according to your results.
Guilherme Tude - PhD in Dermatology
After two decades of pioneering research in Dermatology, I am excited to endorse TrichoAI — an innovative leap in the field. The innovative tool quickly helps you spot signs of hair loss in a few seconds, enabling you to take timely action.
How it works
Get Your Results in 3 Easy Steps
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    Take Your Photos
    Upload or take a clear picture of your scalp in good lighting. Focus on the area you want our tool to analyze. High-quality pictures are crucial for best detection. We recommend using your smartphone's camera.
  • Search Icon
    Wait For Our AI To Analyze
    Let our AI analyze your picture with a database of over 20000 images. It will examine your photo, identify your hair loss stage, and pinpoint the specific hair loss condition.
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    Get A Personalized Report
    Get a detailed report of possible hair loss factors and solutions most often used to explore further as suggested by experts.
The Benefits of TrichoAI Hair Loss Detection Tool
  • 1
    Data Backed
    Our tool employs advanced algorithms with a database of over 20,000 images to provide precise results on your hair loss status.
  • 2
    Safe and Private
    To ensure your complete privacy, all images processed by our AI tool are deliberately blurred to maintain your personal data private.
  • 3
    Personalized Insights
    TrichoAI offers a personalized report tailored just for you, including tips and information to help address your hair loss.
  • 4
    Free, Easy and Convenient Assessment
    Say goodbye to hair loss mysteries. Access information about your hair anytime, anywhere, all for free and with utmost convenience.
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It has never been easier to understand what your hair is trying to tell you.

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Worried about thinning hair or balding spots? In under 30s, our tool can help you identify signs of hair loss, empowering you to take proactive steps before it worsens.


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Disclaimer: This is not a medical tool or device. The service is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical conditions. The tool is merely intended to guide personal exploration of hair loss and indicate possible avenues to be discussed with a professional.