How We Write

At Scandinavian Biolabs, our writers follow rigorous standards to produce content that is accurate, trustworthy, and understandable for our readers.


Writer Expertise


Only writers with suitable credentials are selected:

  • Minimum 3 years of experience writing health articles
  • Pass a medical writing course to translate medical studies into simple articles

All writers undergo thorough vetting of credentials, employment history, memberships, potential conflicts of interest, and are re-credentialed annually.


Training & Oversight


Writers complete an intensive multi-month onboarding program covering:

  • Scandinavian Biolabs' voice, style guide, editorial processes
  • Best practices for clearly explaining complex medical/scientific information
  • Interpreting statistical data, study methods, and evidence-based guidance
  • Incorporating empathy, inclusivity, and avoiding stigmatizing language

Each writer is mentored by a senior editor who provides continuous coaching. All content passes through substantive editing and multi-layered review processes.


Research & Sourcing


Only the most authoritative and well-established sources are utilized:

  • Primary references must be current systematic reviews or original studies from top peer-reviewed journals
  • Input from leading global institutions like WHO, CDC, FDA, etc. take precedence
  • Study methodologies, quality, limitations, potential biases are closely examined
  • Inconclusive, evolving, or conflicting evidence must be caveated with context

    Clear Communication


    All content must satisfy core writing principles:

    • Conveying evidence-based information accurately without overstatement
    • Using objective, data-driven language free of unsupported claims or hype
    • Defining complex medical/scientific terms in easily understandable ways
    • Balancing completeness with conciseness to facilitate reader comprehension