Hair growth doesn't happen overnight — but you can see results in 45 to 150 days

Clinical studies of Bio-Pilixin® prove it starts to work at about six weeks. 

From day one, Bio-Pilixin® nourishes follicles, promoting a longer growth cycle, so you see less hair loss.

After 150 days, nearly all study participants had a noticeable reduction in hair loss and increased density. 

There’s no magic hair growth elixir. But when you stick to the daily Bio-Pilixin® routine, you really can enjoy more hair that’s visibly thicker.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't see results in 150 days, we'll refund you

Use Scandinavian Biolabs Bio-Pilixin® Serum daily for 150 days. Track your journey with photos. If you don’t see growth in your before and after pictures, we’ll refund your money. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Take your “before” picture
Step 1: Take your “before” picture
Step 2: Stick with the daily routine
Apply Bio-Pilixin® Serum every day for a 150-day period. During this period you should use at least five bottles of serum to achieve the results typical in the clinical trial. Take weekly or monthly photos to track your progress.
Step 3: Take your “after” picture
Take a photo of the treated area after 150 days of using Bio-Pilixin® Serum daily. If we agree that there’s no noticeable difference, we’ll refund your five bottles of serum.

Bio-Pilixin® is clinically tested to reduce hair thinning and increase density

Drug-free formulations can extend the growth phase. But very few are tested.

An exception is Bio-Pilixin®. Powered by stem cell technology, this formula shifts your hair cycle towards a prolonged period of growth.

Clinical trial results published in Euro Cosmetics Magazine demonstrate the results:

  • 45 days: 77% saw less shedding
  • 90 days: Improved hair growth cycle
  • 150 days: 97% saw a noticeable reduction in hair loss & 73% saw an increase in density
Before & After

See the 150-day results

Slide from before to after Bio-Pilixin® and see the transformations. From visibly thinning and receding to denser growth and more complete coverage.
Review Highlights

No “get thick hair quick” stories here. Just real growth earned over time with Bio-Pilixin®

  • Galahard
    Hair Growth Routine User
  • Olavo
    Hair Growth Routine User
  • Martin
    Hair Growth Routine User
Friends think I’ve had a transplant
“I used to get literally 15-20 hair strands coming out every time I went to the shower…I kept looking balder and balder. I started using this about 5-6 months ago. I can’t use it daily due to life commitments but damn, it does work. I maybe get 1-2 hair strands coming out after a shower. My girlfriend likes my hair, friends think I’ve had a transplant. It’s really good. Pricey, but good. I’d recommend try them out and see if it works. Give it time, as it takes some time for the results to really kick in.”
Hair is just growing like crazy
“I frankly I thought was throwing money in the trash first, but I must say it does really works, since I started using the product I never had to use head and shoulders shampoo again, dandruff completely disappeared, and my hair is just growing like crazy, definitely recommend it, is like tiger balm for the hair!”
No hair loss in 7 months & new growth
“I have been using the routine for about 7 months. It's an amazing feeling as like my hair loss has been put on pause. I see no hair loss in seven months. I am quite paranoid about my hair and I touch and feel my hair quite a few times in a day. And I must say they feel thicker and healthier than before the hair routine. And that is also something my hairdresser noticed. Even some new hair has started to grow, or should I say old hair.”
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Over 100,000 customers have made our science-backed Bio-Pilixin® formula their choice.
Money-Back Guarantee
Let us take the risk for you! Don’t see results with Bio-Pilixin® in 150 days? We’ll refund your purchase in 3 easy steps.
No Nasty Chemicals
Clinically-tested. Naturally effective. Free from nasties. But does it smell nice? Also yes.

How does Scandinavian Biolabs Bio-Pilixin® get growth in 150 days?

Curcuma Longa is a natural ingredient for hair growth that gets a lot of buzz. But alone it’s only so effective…

To see how much more growth we could get, our medical research team “boosted” Curcuma Longa with stem cell technology

The result?

Capilia Longa™ is an enhanced and concentrated version of the growth compounds in Curcuma Longa.

Combined with other active, plant-based molecules, it’s the star ingredient in Bio-Pilixin®, clinically tested to promote hair growth.


Get the Complete Hair Growth Routine

Cleanse, condition and treat with Bio-Pilixin® for drug-free hair growth with visible results in about 150 days.
Backed by a 150-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Backed by Clinical Trials

What to expect when you use Bio-Pilixin® daily

The Hair Growth Routine works deep in your follicles to reset your hair growth over time. Here’s how the growth journey looks based on clinical trial results.

Ready to start your 150 day growth journey?

Five months from now, you could be celebrating the hair you’re keeping and the hair you’re growing! But to get there, you need to take the first steps and stick with it daily. Don’t forget that you’re covered by the money-back guarantee, so you only have hair to gain.