Dr. Andrea Ortega M.D.



dr andrea ortega

Dr. Andrea Ortega, M.D., is a medical graduate from the esteemed Universidad de Oriente in Venezuela, having obtained her degree in 2020. During her academic journey, she gained valuable experience in clinical research, with a particular focus on Nodular Thyroid Disease and Thyroid and Endocrine Pathology. This specialized knowledge demonstrates her commitment to advancing medical understanding in these critical areas.

Dr. Ortega's practical training was further solidified through her comprehensive internship, which she completed with honors at three of the most prestigious health facilities in Anzoátegui, Venezuela. This rigorous internship experience provided her with hands-on exposure to diverse medical cases and scenarios, preparing her for the challenges of professional practice.

Currently, Dr. Ortega is actively practicing as a physician in Cypress, Texas, where she applies her extensive academic knowledge and practical skills to provide quality healthcare services to her patients. Her qualifications, specialized research experience, and successful completion of a highly regarded internship program underscore her competence and dedication to the medical field.

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