Dr. Tanvi Lodhia PharmD

Dr. Tanvi Lodhia PharmD


Dr. Tanvi Lodhia is a PharmD who currently works in the pharmaceutical industry. While she has a wide range of expertise, Tanvi specializes in Medical Affairs, focusing on writing, editing, and reviewing medical and scientific content. One of her great passions is education - she loves inspiring others to learn about complex topics like diseases, hair science, medications, and clinical data.

With experience across medical communications, marketing, and regulatory affairs roles at companies like Argenx, Bayer, and Osmotica, Tanvi brings a diverse background to her work. She completed her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Rutgers University in 2021 and has served in roles ranging from pharmacy intern to senior marketing manager over the course of her career so far.

Tanvi is particularly skilled at distilling complex scientific information into clear, engaging content for healthcare providers and other key stakeholders. Her expertise helps ensure products are accurately represented while educating audiences on the latest medical advancements and data. A lifelong learner herself, Tanvi takes great joy in helping others understand nuanced healthcare topics.

She strictly follows our Editorial Standards.