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  • Can the Hair Growth products assist with all forms of hair loss?
    • Scandinavian Biolabs growth hair care products can help with most forms of hair loss outside of scar tissue (primarily dead cells) or an acute autoimmune disease, leading to intense forms of alopecia (hair loss), such as alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis.

      Scandinavian Biolabs products help reactivate the functionality of dormant or obstructed hair follicles to stimulate conditions for ideal hair growth.

  • Is it normal to experience an increase in hair loss during the initial application period?
    • It is quite common for there to be a provisional increase in hair loss during the initial application period for the Hair Growth products. It is a normal response which should not last longer than a few weeks.

      The reason for a slight increase is due to hair follicles reverting back to its normal stasis when inflammation subsides. When hair follicles are inflamed, the hair bulb swells leading to poor development of hair shafts and weak root anchorage. When this inflammation subsides, the hair bulb reverts to it normal stasis, weakening the already poor anchorage of hair roots lounged in the follicle. They become loosened and are prone to falling out.

      Since the hair follicles are no longer inflamed, when new hair develop and become established, there is a healthier environment to grow stronger, healthier strands and maintain more durable anchorage to become less prone to shedding.

  • What are the differences between male and female hair loss?
    • Androgenic alopecia occurs more commonly in males than in females.

      The classic male pattern hair loss starts above the temples and at the vertex leaving a characteristic M-shaped hairline. It rarely progresses to complete baldness and leaves hair at the sides and back of the head. It is due to a combination of genetics and hormones.

      The female pattern hair loss causes diffuse thinning of hair without a recession of the hairline.

  • Will a dry scalp result in hair thinning?
    • Dry hair is brittle which easily breaks and splits. If you have dandruff, continuous scratching of the scalp will lead to damaged hair follicles that cause the hair to fall eventually. However, it is reversible if the cause is found and treated.

      Which Scandinavian Biolabs products can help with dry scalp and hair?

      Check out the Hair Strength & Recovery Bundle in the products section.

      The Hair Strength Shampoo helps with dry scalp with moisturizing agents, while the Hair Recovery Conditioner restores and protects the integrity of damaged hair.

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