How We Medically Review

Scandinavian Biolabs has rigorous medical review standards to validate the accuracy, safety, and integrity of all health content.


Medical Reviewers


Our Medical Reviewers comprises leading doctors and dermatologists:

  • Medical reviewers are actively practicing doctors across all relevant specialties
  • All have exemplary academic credentials and publication records
  • Reviewers scrutinize and approve all medical/health content prior to publishing

    The Review Process


    All medical content undergoes the following systematic process:

    1. Substantive edit by senior editors with deep subject matter expertise
    2. Detailed fact-checking of all references, claims, statistics, figures, etc.
    3. Thorough medical review by specialist physician(s).
    4. Review of all cited sources, data interpretations, and overall completeness
    5. Assessment of language sensitivities (cultural, stigmatizing, upsetting, etc.)
    6. Final approval only after all reviews, stipulated revisions are completed

    For highly specialized or emerging areas, we also engage medical/scientific advisory panels to contribute their frontline perspectives.


    Continual Improvement


    • If any inaccuracies are identified post-publication, a formal correction is issued
    • Older content is routinely re-evaluated as major new studies/guidance emerges
    • Processes evolve based on user feedback, new editorial best practices
    • Annual audits check for adherence to standards across the entire corpus

    Our intense medical review process ensures all health information meets the highest standards of accuracy, integrity and continual improvement over time.