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A effective and drug-free formulation that harness the power of stem cell technology to help nurture hair follicles and encourage hair growth.
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What Is The Root Cause Of Hair Loss?

Fact: two thirds of men experience some degree of hair loss by age 35. And one out of five men will have some visible hair loss by age 20. What’s more, according to the American Academy of Dermatologists, the average person loses between 50 and 100 strands of hair per day.  And after a certain point, these hairs don’t grow back… This essentially means that we are in a race against time to keep our hairs on our head.

But what exactly causes hair loss?

Short answer: the end of the “hair growth cycle”...

It turns out that over 95% of all hair follicles exist in the anagen phase. 

And when this “growth phase” is over, we start losing our hair permanently - as can already be seen in many men in their 30s, or even mid-20s… But there is one critical thing you need to know about this anagen phase: Each hair follicle can go through this growth cycle 20-25 times maximum, and the average cycle lasts from 1 to 6 years.
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And as you can probably guess, the duration of each cycle can make a massive difference in the amount of hair we keep on our head as we get older…

For example, someone with a 1-year hair growth cycle will “exhaust” his cycles within about 25 years. Whereas someone with a 6-year hair growth cycle would have to live well past 150 years old to exhaust his cycles!

That’s why some “unlucky” people start losing their hair in their mid-twenties: they have a short hair growth cycle.

How exactly does the Hair Growth Routine work?

The mechanism through which our formula promotes hair growth is simple. Clinical studies have shown that when levels of the key hormone IGF-1 are depressed in the scalp, hair loss starts happening extremely quickly.

This is because IGF-1 is tasked with regulating the hair growth cycle and managing the “signals” sent to hair follicles. Lower levels of IGF-1 essentially put your hair follicles to sleep and shorten the hair growth cycle. This leads to thinner hair and eventually leads to pattern baldness and even complete baldness.

When applying the serum in our formula, you might feel a very slight warming sensation on the scalp. This happens because your body recognises the stimulus from our formula, which directly help to increase IGF-1 levels in the scalp.

Clinically tested hair growth, without drugs

In our clinical trial, 40 men and women with various backgrounds used the Bio-Pilixin Activation Serum daily for 150 days. Testing found that the serum can increase the growth phase and decrease the shedding phase.

How did this translate into real-life results?

  • 93% were satisfied with the results
  • 93% had measurably less hair loss
  • 73% had a clinically tested increase in hair density

A Comprehensive 3-Step Hair Growth Routine

150-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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Before you know it...

Using Bio-Pilixin® daily can pay off in just 45 days. Early results could include less shedding in the shower or even compliments from your hairdresser. Clinically tested increase in density can be seen as early as 150 days. (Time flies before you know it.) Continue to see progress when you make Bio-Pilixin® part of your long-term routine.
Clinical Trial
Results demonstrated after 150 days
User Trial
Real people, real results
Clinical trial
User Trial

We have developed and trademarked the Bio-Pilixin® formula, which has been clinically tested in a proprietary third-party study. Our Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum demonstrated the following results:

experience less hair loss
had a clinically tested reduction in hair loss
had a clinically tested increase in hair density
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We are committed to using effective active ingredients to create products that help users achieve their hair goals. Recently, a survey of 440 of our customers provided us with valuable insights into their experiences and preferences:

of users prefer Scandinavian Biolabs over all other solutions they have tried
of users prefer Scandinavian Biolabs over conventional drug-based products
of users prefer Scandinavian Biolabs over only using caffeine infused shampoos

What Makes our Hair Growth Routine Different?

We take a natural approach without compromising on results. The routine is powered by our Bio-Pilixin® Hair Activation Serum, which offers a clinically tested reduction in hair loss in just 45 days and an increase in hair density in 150 days. All that without the use of drugs. A combination you’ll find hard to come across elsewhere.
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How soon to expect results?

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Money-Back Guarantee
If you don’t see results in 150 days, we’ll refund you

Hair loss is stressful enough without money worries. So let us take the risk for you. If you don’t see results in 150 days, we’ll refund you. We only ask you to follow 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Document your journey
Take a photo of the treated area each month, starting pre-treatment. You might be surprised at how much progress you’ve made!
Step 2: Use the Activation Serum daily
Make sure to apply Activation Serum every day, even if you skip the shampoo and conditioner.
Step 3: Stick to it for 150 days
Use at least five bottles of Activation Serum over a 150-day period. This is the period in which our clinical test showed noticeable results for 97% of participants.
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We have developed and trademarked the Bio-Pilixin® formula, which has been clinically proven in a third-party study to have the following efficacy after 150 Days.
Approved by dermatologists
Enhances hair follicle growth
Clinically tested to reduce hair loss by up to 89%
Helps strengthen your hair and promotes growth
Shown to induce hair density by up to 52%
Helps to slow down hair loss