How the Subscription Works

A subscription is a convenient way of receiving a new supply of products when needed without having to go through the checkout process every time.

The benefits of a subscription includes a 15% discount on all orders, an adjustable resupply frequency (default is 30 days), and cancelation at any time.

Subscriptions can be accessed through a customer account, which offers easy management. Add/drop products, adjust frequency of delivery to personal preferences, skip unneeded resupply or change delivery date at any time.

A Scandinavian Biolabs goal is to deliver sustainable results through convenient, high quality service and an easy to navigate interface.

Subscriber Perks

Subscriber Discount

All subscriptions and added one-time items will have the membership discount of at least 15% on every order as well as free home delivery. You can also add discounts you may have received from Scandinavian Biolabs promotions to your subscriptions as well.

Free Home Delivery

All subscriptions and added one-time items will be delivered straight to your home without the usual home delivery fee. You will also have to opportunity to adjust your delivery frequency. The default delivery frequency is 30 days for 1-month packages and 90 days for 3-month packages. If you need faster delivery or would like to delay, this can be changed to either 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, or 120 days.

Account Personalisation

Access To Our Discord Community

Subscription FAQ