Bio-Silacumin® Supplements

Support your hair’s wellbeing with this liquid supplement designed with enhanced absorption in mind. This 1% Ortho-silic Acid (OSA) solution is a uniquely bioavailable source of silicon, an essential micronutrient for collagen synthesis and the formation of hair. Selenium and zinc further contribute to hair maintenance, while the bioactive compounds and antioxidants in curcuma add extra support.

  • Contains ch-OSA, a silicon source 250% more bioavailable than other sources*
  • Silicon is an essential micronutrient for natural collagen synthesis
  • Liquid formula for easy use in water, juice, or any cold drink
  • 0% sugar | 0% fat | 100% vegan
  • What does bioavailability mean?
  • How does Bio-Silacumin support the wellbeing of your hair?
  • What makes Bio-Silacumin special?
  • How is Bio-Silacumin different from collagen supplements?
  • How soon should I expect to see results?
Bio-Silacumin® Supplements
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  • 1. Bio-Sila-Cumin® Supplements

Effective active ingredients

  • Ortho-silicic Acid
    Ortho-silicic Acid is a source of silicon, which is an essential micronutrient for collagen synthesis and the formation of hair.
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  • Zinc
    Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and plays a role in the cell division process.
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  • Selenium
    Selenium is an essential mineral which contributes to the maintenance of normal hair.
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Enhanced absorption

Silicon is essential for collagen synthesis and hair formation. Without enough collagen, hair can become weak and prone to breakage. So it makes sense to up your silicon intake to achieve stronger, healthier hair. However, it is not as easy as popping a few pills.
The problem
The solution
The result
Why is silicon supplementation tricky?

While silicon is abundant in many plant-based foods, its bioavailability (i.e. our body’s ability to use it) from these sources is questionable due to the poor solubility of the chemical forms present in food. [2]

Silicic acids, including ortho-silicic acid (OSA), are considered the best sources of silicon due to their high bioavailability (approx. 40%) and natural occurrence in food [5].

The challenge of OSA in supplements and our solution to it?

Ortho-silicic acid (OSA) is a highly bioavailable source of silicon. However, in highly concentrated solutions (i.e. supplements), it has to be stabilised to avoid its polymerisation leading to a decreased bioavailability. [1]

This issue can be resolved by using a stabilised form of OSA called choline-stabilized ortho-silicic acid (Ch-OSA) [1].

Choline is a highly demanded molecule that’s instantly removed in the stomach, making ortho-silicic acid freely available as a monomer (rather than a polymer) with high bioavailability.

Ch-OSA: 250% better absorption than traditional Silica Complex*

A study by the British Journal of Nutrition [6] tested the dissolution of Ch-OSA against other silicon-containing products. They found that Ch-OSA had a significantly higher dissolution than the other products.

In particular, Ch-OSA was 2.5 to 3x more dissolved than traditional Silica Complex.

These results strongly suggest that ch-OSA has superior absorption compared to regular silicon supplements in pill form, as higher dissolution typically correlates with better absorption.


How to use Bio-Silacumin?

Take 10 drops (0.5ml) twice a day directly or in a full glass (200ml) of water or juice.

Recommended daily dosage is 20 drops (10ml).

Suitable for those above the age of 10. We recommend checking with your medical provider if in doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How is Bio-Silacumin different from the Hair Nutrient Tablets?
  • Can Bio-Silacumin stop hair loss?
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  • Does Bio-Silacumin contain gluten, sugar, dairy, soy, or any animal-derived ingredients?


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