Does Alpha Lipoic Acid Cause Hair Loss? Examining the Evidence

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Alpha lipoic acid is a potent antioxidant also being studied for its potential impact on chronic health conditions. But could ALA supplementation trigger unwanted shedding?

Does alpha lipoic acid cause hair loss?

While ALA is generally well-tolerated, a small percentage of individuals may experience temporary mild shedding as a potential side effect when first starting supplementation.

ALA's Metabolism Support

Its antioxidant properties optimize cellular energy pathways important for hair follicle function and cycling.

Potential Shedding Triggers

Rare cases note a brief 1-2 month telogen effluvium shed which may be connected to ALA detoxifying scalp and strengthening follicles.

Genetic Predisposition Factors

Those with hereditary balding likelier to see short-term excessive shedding if ALA metabolism differs genetically.

Typically Brief and Mild

Most episodes resolve independently once body adjusts to new supplement without long-term miniaturization.

Underlying Causes Impact Risks

Nutritional deficiencies ALA addresses tend to reverse minor effluvium potentially caused in adjustment phase.

Consider Lower Doses

Start with 100mg and slowly increase over weeks to reduce chances of triggers in genetically susceptible individuals.

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