Does Geritol Help Hair Growth? Uncovering the Facts

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Geritol is an over-the-counter supplement originally marketed to help treat iron-deficiency anemia. But does its formula also support healthy hair?

Does Geritol help hair growth?

While Geritol provides nutrients essential for hair wellness like iron and B vitamins, research does not conclusively prove it stimulates new growth on its own for most users.

Key Nutrients

Each serving contains 18 mg iron (100% DV), plus B1, B2, B6 and B12 to aid keratin production and energize follicles from within.

Iron's Role

Deficiency causes shedding, so Geritol's iron helps prevent loss—though surplus intake won't naturally induce thicker hair without other deficiency-caused triggers.

Vitamins for Growth

B-complex vitamins metabolize protein and support circulation linked to the hair cycle's proper progression through its phases for longer, fuller hair.

Individual Results Vary

While adequate nourishment from nutrients in Geritol is generally positive for hair, growth impacts depend on other underlying causes of shedding like DHT sensitivity or nutritional imbalances.

Who May Benefit Most

Those with confirmed iron-deficiency anemia or other vitamin deficiencies showing shedding or thinning may experience slight regrowth support.

Use as Part of Care

Geritol alone may not be enough stimulation for more severe loss. Pairing it with targeted treatments maximizes its benefits as part of an overall hair wellness plan.

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