Does VA Cover Hair Loss? Veterans' Benefits for Hair Loss Treatment

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In the realm of healthcare and medical coverage, the topic of hair loss and its potential treatment options is often a concern for many individuals, including veterans and their families. As the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) aims to provide comprehensive care for its beneficiaries, the question of whether the VA covers hair loss treatment often arises. In this comprehensive article, we'll delve into the details of VA coverage for hair loss, providing a thorough analysis to help you understand your options and make informed decisions about your healthcare.

Does the VA Cover Hair Loss?

The short answer is that the VA may cover hair loss treatment in certain circumstances, but the coverage and eligibility criteria can vary depending on the underlying cause of the hair loss and the specific treatment being sought.

Understanding VA Healthcare Coverage

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is the largest integrated healthcare system in the United States, providing a wide range of medical services and benefits to eligible veterans. When it comes to hair loss, the VA's coverage and treatment options are determined by the specific circumstances and medical needs of the individual veteran.

Eligibility for VA Healthcare

To be eligible for VA healthcare, individuals must meet certain criteria, such as having served on active duty in the U.S. military and receiving an honorable or other than dishonorable discharge. The level of VA coverage and the specific benefits available may also depend on the veteran's service-connected disabilities and other factors.

VA Coverage for Hair Loss Treatment

The VA may cover hair loss treatment in the following scenarios:

Service-Connected Hair Loss

If the hair loss is directly related to a service-connected medical condition or injury, the VA may provide coverage for treatment. This could include cases where the hair loss is a result of a traumatic brain injury, radiation therapy, or certain medications prescribed for service-connected conditions.

Non-Service-Connected Hair Loss

In some cases, the VA may provide coverage for hair loss treatment that is not directly related to a service-connected condition, but the treatment must be deemed medically necessary and appropriate to address the veteran's specific needs.

Limitations and Exclusions

It's important to note that the VA's coverage for hair loss treatment is not unlimited, and there may be certain exclusions or limitations depending on the type of treatment and the individual's specific circumstances. For example, the VA may not cover purely cosmetic treatments or experimental therapies without sufficient evidence of their effectiveness.

Types of Hair Loss Treatments Covered by the VA

The VA may provide coverage for various hair loss treatments, depending on the underlying cause and the veteran's specific needs. Some of the treatments that may be covered include:

Topical Medications

The VA may cover the cost of prescription topical medications, such as minoxidil or corticosteroids, that are used to stimulate hair growth or address the underlying causes of hair loss.

Oral Medications

In certain cases, the VA may approve the use of oral medications, such as finasteride or spironolactone, to address hormone-related hair loss or other underlying conditions.

Wigs and Hair Prosthetics

The VA may provide coverage for the acquisition and fitting of wigs or other hair prosthetics for veterans who have experienced significant hair loss due to a service-connected condition or medical treatment.

Other Therapies

Depending on the specific circumstances, the VA may also consider coverage for other hair loss treatments, such as laser therapy, scalp injections, or even hair transplant surgery, if deemed medically necessary and appropriate.

Navigating the VA's Hair Loss Coverage

Obtaining VA coverage for hair loss treatment can be a complex process, but there are steps you can take to ensure you receive the appropriate care:

Consult with a VA Healthcare Provider

Start by discussing your hair loss concerns with a VA healthcare provider, who can assess your condition, determine the underlying cause, and provide guidance on the available treatment options and eligibility for coverage.

Gather Relevant Documentation

Collect any relevant medical records, test results, and documentation related to your hair loss and its potential connection to your military service or other service-connected conditions.

File a Claim or Seek Pre-Authorization

Depending on the specific treatment, you may need to file a claim or seek pre-authorization from the VA to ensure coverage. Your VA healthcare provider can assist you with the appropriate process.

Appeal Denied Claims

If the VA denies coverage for a particular hair loss treatment, you have the right to appeal the decision, and your VA healthcare provider can guide you through the appeals process.


In summary, the VA may cover hair loss treatment in certain circumstances, particularly if the hair loss is directly related to a service-connected medical condition or injury. However, the coverage and eligibility criteria can vary, and it's essential to work closely with your VA healthcare provider to understand your options and navigate the process effectively.

By understanding the VA's hair loss coverage, veterans can make informed decisions about their healthcare and explore the treatment options that best address their individual needs. Remember, the VA is committed to providing comprehensive care to its beneficiaries, and advocating for the coverage of medically necessary hair loss treatments is an important part of that mission.

If you are a veteran experiencing hair loss, don't hesitate to speak with your VA healthcare provider and take the necessary steps to pursue the coverage and treatment that you deserve. With the right support and guidance, you can take proactive measures to address your hair loss and maintain the health and vitality of your hair.

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