How to Use Bergamot Oil for Hair Growth? The Benefits of Citrus Oils

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Bergamot essential oil has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties that make it beneficial for boosting hair health and growth. But what's the best way to use bergamot oil to take advantage of its hair-helping benefits?

How to Use Bergamot Oil for Hair Growth

To use bergamot oil for optimal hair growth, mix a few drops into coconut or jojoba oil and massage into the scalp before bed. You can also add a drop or two of bergamot oil to your shampoo and conditioner when washing hair.

Mix with Carrier Oil for Scalp Massage

Combine 5-6 drops bergamot oil per 1 tablespoon carrier oil like coconut or jojoba oil. Massage into scalp before bed.

Add to Shampoo and Conditioner

Add 2-3 drops bergamot oil per dollop of shampoo or conditioner when washing hair.

Combine with Other Essential Oils

Bergamot works well blended with stimulating oils like rosemary, lemon and peppermint.

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Benefits of Bergamot Oil for Hair

Here are some key ways bergamot oil supports healthy hair growth:

Stimulates Follicles

Improves blood flow to follicles to encourage new growth.

Contains Antimicrobials

Its antimicrobial compounds keep scalp clean and healthy.

Reduces Inflammation

Bergamot oil reduces scalp inflammation that can impair follicle health.

Relieves Stress

Has a calming, stress-relieving effect that helps minimize stress-related hair loss.

Adds Shine and Softness

Smooths and hydrates dry, brittle hair.

Tips for Using Bergamot Oil on Hair

Follow these tips when using bergamot for optimal hair benefits:

Always Dilute in a Carrier Oil

Bergamot can irritate skin if applied directly.

Do a Skin Patch Test First

Apply a diluted drop to your inner arm to test for any reaction.

Use Organic Cold-Pressed Oil

This ensures the highest quality and purity.

Massage Oil into Scalp

Massaging increases blood flow to follicles for better absorption.

Store Properly

Keep bergamot oil in a dark glass bottle in a cool area.

Complementary Oils to Combine

Pair bergamot with other oils like:

Lavender Oil

Lavender also soothes scalp inflammation.

Rosemary Oil

Stimulates new growth and thickens miniaturized hair.

Tea Tree Oil

Its antimicrobial action enhances bergamot's effects.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Combats stress, another trigger for hair thinning.

How Often to Use Bergamot Oil

Using bergamot 2-4 times per week provides good results. Monitor for skin sensitivity with regular use.

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