What Rice Is Best for Hair Growth: Discover the Best Varieties for Hair Health

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Rice is a staple grain consumed worldwide that provides important nutrients, yet not all varieties are created equal. Certain types of rice contain beneficial compounds that can aid scalp health and stimulate hair follicles when incorporated into a nourishing diet.

What rice is best for hair growth?

Brown rice is considered one of the best varieties to support strong, shiny hair due to its unique nutrient density and antioxidant profile.

Brown Rice

Unlike white rice where only the inner endosperm is retained, brown rice consists of the whole grain including the nutrient-packed bran and germ. This preserves compounds like magnesium, selenium, B vitamins, lignans and fiber shown to boost hair growth.

The phenolic acids, tocotrienols and gamma-oryzanol in brown rice act as antioxidants to protect follicles from free radical damage. They also moderate DHT production linked to androgenic alopecia.

When boiled or steamed, brown rice's vitamins, minerals and complex carbs provide cellular sustenance for the hair follicle growth cycles.

Other Rice Varieties

While not as optimal as brown, other colorful rices still offer some benefits:

  • Black rice - anthocyanin pigments which are antioxidants
  • Red rice - zinc and fiber like brown, lower GI than white
  • Purple rice - similar nutrition profile to black and brown varieties
  • White rice - little nutritive value beyond carbs after processing

Regularly consuming 1⁄2 cup cooked brown rice at dinner optimizes nutrient intake for strong, shiny strands over time.

Hair Benefits of Brown Rice

Specific ways brown rice nourishes hair follicles include:

  • Magnesium supports production of hair pigment melanin
  • Selenium activates sebum regulating enzymes
  • B vitamins aid formation of keratin
  • Fiber binds to DHT before it damages follicles
  • Antioxidants prevent scalp cell damage

For vegetarians or those who don't tolerate wheat, brown rice comprises a perfect whole grain alternative for hair health.

Preparing and Serving Brown Rice

To maximize nutrients, simmer 1 cup brown rice and 2 cups water for 40-50 minutes with a tight fitting lid. Avoid rinsing to preserve B vitamin content.

Pair rice with legumes, lentils or fish for complete protein. Top with herbs, spices and vegetables to aid digestive absorption of its hair-supporting components.

While occasional white rice is fine, substituting it frequently with nutritionally dense whole grain brown rice boosts scalp and hair growth potential over the long term.

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