Which Protein Powder Does Not Cause Hair Loss: Safe Supplements for Fitness Enthusiasts

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While protein powders provide a concentrated source of amino acids for muscle building and general wellness, some formulations contain additives that may potentially exacerbate hair shedding for sensitive individuals.

Which protein powder does not cause hair loss?

Pure, dairy-free protein powders made from plant or egg sources tend to avoid additives like dairy, sugars and preservatives that are higher on the likelihood scale for hair concerns compared to simpler formulas.

Egg White Protein

High quality isolates like Biotest EGGPRO are nearly 99% protein with no lactose or fillers. Egg contains amino acids like cysteine for strong keratin production in hair follicles.

Plant Proteins

Soy, pea and brown rice options from Naked Pea Protein or Garden of Life lack the hormones found in whey that could potentially trigger follicular sensitivity in genetically predisposed scalps.

Collagen Peptides

Supplementing with unflavored Vital Proteins collagen helps maintain structural integrity of hair together with keratin. Its small peptide size absorbs rapidly.

Hemp Protein

POWHER certified organic hemp protein isolate is easily digestible, hormone-free and provides essential fatty acids for reducing inflammation along with plant proteins and micronutrients.

Avoiding Potential Triggers

Some individuals report shedding from dairy, gluten, excess sugars, or preservatives like sodium benzoate in poorer quality proteins. Sticking with pure, single-ingredient formulas prevents inadvertent causes.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Consuming protein shakes requires sufficient hydration to support hair and avoid potential concentrating of hormones or additives that may theoretically over-load sensitive follicles over the long-term with specific protein powders.

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