Niels - Happy to have hair grow back like when he was 20

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Niels - 31 years old
Issue: Thin hair and hair loss
Time using the Hair Growth Routine: 1 year
Results: Hair grows thicker, fuller like it used to be when he was 20


"Just using Scandinavian Biolabs for 3 months, I really saw a great result. My hair was starting to get thicker. Some of my hair was starting to regrow. Just really happy about it. And now a year after, I'll say that I have my hair when I was 20 years old. So I can only recommend this product for you guys!"

Niels is a 31-year-old man who started to see hair thinning and receding hairline in his early 20s, even though his father is not bald. While he was upset with the issue, he got confused as well about which solution to employ. Reluctant to take hair loss drugs or getting a hair transplant, Niels chose to get a buzz cut. That was it at that time, and he quit giving any further effort to his hair condition.

Niels went on with that haircut-solution for many years until the Covid-19 outbreak. He had more time for himself and decided to give it one more try to get his hair to grow back. It was how Niels started with Scandinavian Biolabs' Hair Growth Routine.
Through his consistent use of the routine, he saw apparent improvements only after three months. His hair got thicker, and some of his hair started to re-grow, which he had not seen in a long time. A year after his first use of our routine, he is now happy to see a full head of hair that naturally grows back and sustains.



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