The Best Natural and Drug Alternatives To Minoxidil

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Written by
Ahmad Chaudhry M.D.
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Are you searching for an alternative to minoxidil? We've got you covered. Hair loss (alopecia) is a health concern that affects both men and women. It is often a symptom or a result of lifestyle factors (i.e. hairstyles, heat or chemical hair treatments, poor diet, stress) or medical conditions (i.e. hormonal changes, autoimmune diseases, medical treatments).

With the advancement of science and technology, there are now several solutions to hair loss. But many of these solutions are also costly, so most people turn to other more affordable options. One of the familiar and inexpensive hair growth treatments used is Minoxidil.


What is Minoxidil?

minoxidil in a tube

Minoxidil (more popularly recognized by its brand name, Rogaine) is a topical liquid or foam solution applied to the scalp to promote hair regrowth. It is used to treat male or female pattern baldness and is most effective on adults under 40 years of age whose hair loss is recent.

This solution is meant to be applied usually twice a day or as recommended by a doctor. It should not be used more or less than what is directed. One should not use it on red, swollen, irritated, cut, or infected scalps. Doing so will cause the medication to be absorbed by the body, which poses serious health risks.

Minoxidil does not treat all hair loss concerns. It will not work on those with no history of hair loss (i.e. unexplained hair loss), those who experience hair fall in patches, or those whose hair loss is caused by another condition (whether lifestyle or medical).

Why should you look for alternatives to minoxidil?

Using this medication also comes with several possible side effects. The most common side effects include scalp irritation (like burning, stinging, or redness at the application site), hair growth in adjacent areas (such as your forehead), or changes in hair texture or color.

More uncommon and severe side effects are unwanted facial/body hair, dizziness, fast or irregular heartbeat, fainting, chest pain, swelling of hands and/or feet, unusual weight gain, tiredness, and difficulty breathing. Users should stop applying Minoxidil immediately if they experience any of these symptoms.

There is not much research as to how Minoxidil helps with hair growth. It belongs to a classification of drugs called vasodilators, which are used to treat heart failure and high blood pressure. It will also not cause permanent hair regrowth, and it must be used continuously for at least four months to a year before one can notice any effects.

Experts do not advise those under the age of 18 to use this product.

By now, you probably want to know the alternatives to minoxidil already!

What is an alternative to Minoxidil?

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finasteride pills

Finasteride is an alternative used these days. The good thing about this medication is that it is easily tolerable by people, unlike the hazardous side effects seen by the use of Minoxidil.

It is interesting to know how it works. Well, it is a 5-Alpha reductase inhibitor. It is previously used in the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

Due to its properties of working on hair follicles and promoting their growth, it is widely used to treat hair fall and baldness. It blocks the production of such hormones in the body that stops scalp hair production.

Like other medications, it also has side effects in dizziness, postural hypotension, and erectile dysfunction. These side effects are less prominent than Minoxidil, which is why it is an alternative to it.

Ketoconazole shampoo

Dryness in the scalp and fungal infections are some of the important causes of making one bald. Therefore, we usually prescribe ketoconazole shampoo to those individuals who have hair susceptible to these ailments.

Its effects are not similar to Minoxidil in treating hair fall, but studies have proved that using this shampoo can prevent the unnecessary hair fall in individuals. It should also be used before bathing. Gently pour it over the scalp, and don't massage it hard on the scalp. Keep it there for about five to ten minutes, and then wash it with cold water.

Pumpkin seeds oil

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seed oil is commonly found in supplements with other substances. Research that looked at the effects of such a supplement showed that it helped people grow their hair.

However, it's hard to say whether such advantages are due to pumpkin seed oil or the supplement's other ingredients.

Onion juice, melatonin, garlic, marine proteins, and vitamin E are some other natural remedies frequently promoted as having hair growth advantages.

A more thorough scientific study, like the ones described above, is needed to evaluate their usefulness.


Vitamin B7 is another name for biotin.

Biotin deficiency may lead to hair loss, so it seems logical that supplementing with the vitamin could help those deficient.

Unfortunately, there is no proof that biotin is an effective therapy for hair loss in persons who do not have a biotin deficiency.


Zinc may help with hair growth, but further study is needed.

Topical and oral zinc supplements have both been studied, and zinc supplementation, in particular, has been linked to hair regrowth in certain persons.

Saw palmetto

When taken topically or orally, saw palmetto had been shown to help with hair loss in studies.

The study's size and breadth are restricted. While saw palmetto does not appear to outperform conventional treatments (compared to finasteride, for example), it does seem to have certain advantages. For example, when taken orally over two years, palmetto increased hair growth in 38 percent of males, compared to 68 percent of men who took finasteride.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary used to make rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is derived from rosemary, a culinary plant with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, among other things.

In research comparing it to minoxidil, rosemary oil was found to be "not inferior" to the outcomes of 2 percent minoxidil.

After six months of therapy, both groups of study participants exhibited favorable improvements.


chilli, used to make capsaicin

Capsaicin (derived from chillies) is a chemical found in peppers that have been studied for usage in both oral and topical applications. In a 5-month trial, capsaicin was proven to enhance hair growth when compared to a placebo.

However, because this research had fewer than 50 individuals and mixed capsaicin with isoflavone, it's impossible to attribute the results solely to capsaicin.

The use of topical capsaicin resulted in the development of vellus hair, but not the thick scalp-type hair that men suffering from hair loss would want.

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