65 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50 of 2024

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This time, we enlisted the help of our in-house stylist that worked over a decade in styling women's hair: Taylor Rebecca.

Our curated list of 65 short hairstyles for 2024 offers chic, easy-to-maintain looks that highlight your natural grace.

These styles, from sleek bobs to textured pixies, are designed to celebrate your confidence and experience.

Whether you're looking to refresh your look or find something new, this guide is your ticket to discovering the perfect, low-maintenance short haircuts.

Do shorter haircuts suit women over 50 better?

Yes, shorter haircuts often suit women over 50 better than short haircuts, as they can be more flattering, easier to maintain, and can give a more youthful appearance than long hair.

Shorter hairstyles are a popular choice for women over 50 for several reasons:

  1. They can help to draw attention to the face, highlighting features like the eyes and cheekbones, which can be very flattering as one age.
  2. Shorter haircuts require less maintenance than longer ones, saving time and effort in daily styling routines. This aspect particularly appeals to those looking to simplify their lives without sacrificing style.
  3. Shorter styles can inject a sense of youthfulness and modernity into one's look, often providing a refreshing change that boosts confidence.
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    65 short hairstyles for women over 50

    Here are 65 short hairstyles perfect for women over 50, offering both style and ease of maintenance.

    1. Classic bob

    short hairstyles for women over 50

    The classic bob is timeless and versatile, easily tailored to any face shape. It's low-maintenance yet always looks polished, making it ideal for women who appreciate simplicity and elegance. 

    This style can be worn straight or with a little wave, offering a sophisticated look that always goes in fashion.

    2. Pixie cut

    Pixie cut

    A pixie cut is bold, beautiful, and oh-so-chic. It's perfect for highlighting facial features and is easy to style. It's a great way to make a statement, showcasing confidence and a playful spirit.

    Whether you opt for a soft, textured look or a more defined, edgy style, the pixie cut is a testament to timeless style.

    3. Layered bob

    Layered bob

    A layered bob texture makes it a fantastic option for those looking to add a dynamic touch to their short hairstyle. The layers can help frame the face beautifully, offering a rejuvenating effect that's both subtle and impactful. 

    It's particularly suitable for women with thin hair, as the added layers create the illusion of thickness and fullness.

    4. Asymmetrical bob

    Asymmetrical bob

    An asymmetrical bob haircut is edgy and modern, with one side longer than the other for a unique, eye-catching look.

    This style adds a contemporary twist to your naturally straight hair, demonstrating that style knows no age. It's also versatile, sleek, and smooth or tousled for a casual look.

    5. Textured pixie

    Textured pixie

    The textured spiky gray pixie cut adds volume and movement, making it an excellent choice for those with natural waves or curls.

    Incorporating various lengths within the cut creates a lively, effortless style that's both easy to manage and stylish. This version of the pixie is perfect for adding a youthful bounce to your hair.

    6. Soft curly bob

    Soft curly bob

    For women with naturally curly hair, a soft, curly bob haircut can beautifully showcase your curls with a structured yet feminine cut for older women.

    This hairstyle embraces natural hair texture and offers a low-maintenance routine where curls can shine. It's a wonderful way to celebrate your natural beauty with a touch of sophistication.

    7. Angled bob

    19 Angled Bobs for Women Over 60 Who Want a Chic Look

    The angled bob features shorter hair at the back and longer strands framing the face, creating a sharp, geometric shape that adds an element of sophistication to any look for older women.

    This cut is particularly flattering for those looking to elongate their face or highlight their jawline, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic.

    8. Sassy short cut

    Hair" Classy & Sassy hair cuts, styles for Mature Women, including Makeup!

    A sassy shortcut is perfect for women over 50 who want to add a bit of edge to their style. With shorter layers at the back and longer pieces around the face, this hairstyle is playful yet elegant.

    It's easy to style and can be adapted to suit any occasion, whether for a casual look or something more formal.

    9. Short shag

    Short shag

    The short shag is a throwback to the '70s, offering a rock'n'roll vibe with its choppy layers and feathered finish. It's a fantastic way to add texture and volume, especially for those with fine hair. 

    This carefree, effortlessly cool style is perfect for those looking to express their personality through their hair.

    10. Sleek, side-parted bob

    Sleek, side-parted bob

    A sleek side-parted bob epitomizes chic, offering a clean, polished, modern, and rejuvenating short haircut look.

    The side part adds a touch of elegance, making it a versatile option for your short, thick hair day and night. It's an excellent choice for women seeking a sophisticated style that's easy to maintain.

    11. Modern mullet

    Modern mullet

    The modern mullet is for the daring. It blends very short hair both at the front and sides with longer strands at the back.

    This updated version of the classic mullet is surprisingly stylish and has been embraced by fashion-forward women over 50. It's a bold statement that speaks to individuality and confidence.

    12. Tousled bob

    Tousled bob

    A tousled bob is perfect for creating a relaxed, beachy vibe. It's ideal for those with a bit of natural wave, as the tousled look is easy to achieve with minimal styling.

    This hairstyle embraces imperfection for a cool, effortless, youthful, and sophisticated look.

    13. Spiky pixie

    Spiky pixie

    The short spiky pixie cut adds an edgy twist to the classic laconic gray pixie, with short, spiky layers that can be styled in various ways.

    It's a great way to add texture and interest to your hair, offering a bold and fun look. This cut is particularly flattering for those looking to accentuate their eyes and cheekbones.

    14. Rounded bob

    Rounded bob

    A rounded bob is characterized by its soft, rounded shape that frames the face beautifully. This style is perfect for those seeking a feminine, sophisticated look that's easy to manage.

    The rounded silhouette is especially flattering for those with square or angular face shapes, adding softness and balance.

    15. Feathered bob

    Feathered bob

    The feathered bob brings a light, airy feel to the traditional bob cut, with layers that mimic the look of feathers.

    It's a fantastic way to add movement and softness to your hair, creating an elegant, easy-to-wear look. This style works well for all hair types, offering a universally flattering option.

    16. Choppy pixie cut

    Choppy pixie cut

    A choppy pixie cut is all about texture and movement, with uneven layers that create a dynamic, edgy look. It's an excellent choice for those looking to make a statement with their hair, offering a modern and versatile style.

    The choppy layers can be styled in various ways, allowing for creativity and personal expression.

    17. Silver fox pixie

    Silver fox pixie

    Embrace your natural silver hair with a pixie that showcases the beauty of ageing. This cut is chic, effortless, and perfect for highlighting the elegance of silver strands.

    It's low maintenance and allows your natural colour to shine brightly.

    18. Wispy bangs and bob

    Wispy bangs and bob

    Pair a classic bob with wispy and choppy bangs for a soft, youthful look. This style bob hairstyles is great for adding a gentle frame to the face, making it ideal for those who want to soften their features and add a touch of whimsy.

    19. Buzz cut

    buzz cut

    The buzz cut is bold and liberating for the ultimate low-maintenance style. It's a statement of confidence and offers a fresh start, highlighting your features without the fuss of styling.

    20. Ear-length sleek bob

    Ear-length sleek bob

    This sleek, ear-length bob is the epitome of elegance and simplicity. It's perfect for showcasing straight hair and offers a polished look that's classic and easy to maintain.

    21. Curly pixie cut

    Curly pixie cut

    A pixie cut tailored for curly hair adds volume and personality, showcasing your natural curls with a structured yet playful style. It's an excellent way to celebrate your curls in a manageable, chic way.

    22. Graduated bob

    Graduated bob

    A graduated bob, shorter in the back and longer towards the front, creates a beautiful angle that adds depth and sophistication to your look. It's especially flattering for adding volume to the back.

    23. Side-swept bob

    Side-swept bob

    A side-swept bob features longer strands that gently sweep to one side, offering a romantic and soft appearance. It's versatile and flattering for various face shapes, adding a touch of elegance.

    24. Stacked bob

    Stacked bob

    The stacked short or long bob, with shorter layers at the back and gradually longer layers towards the front, offers volume and a modern edge. It's perfect for adding dimension and a sculpted look to your hairstyle.

    25. Soft wave bob

    Soft wave bob

    Embrace a bob with soft waves for a natural, beachy look. This style is all about effortless beauty, suitable for those with a bit of natural wave or curl. It offers a relaxed yet chic appearance.

    26. Undercut pixie

    Undercut pixie round brush wavy style

    An undercut pixie combines short sides with a longer top for a bold, contemporary look. It's a great way to add an edgy twist to the classic pixie and showcase your adventurous side.

    27. Layered shag pixie

    Layered shag pixie for wavy hair

    This variation of the pixie includes shaggy layers throughout, offering a texture-rich and voluminous style. It's ideal for adding movement and a playful, carefree vibe to your look.

    28. Blunt bob

    blow drying Blunt bob

    Its even length and sharp edges characterize a blunt bob. It offers a minimalist and sleek style. It's a powerful statement of simplicity and elegance, perfect for those who prefer a more refined look.

    29. Feathered pixie bob

    Feathered pixie bob

    This style is a hybrid between a pixie and a bob. It features soft feathered layers that create a lightweight, airy feel. It's an excellent choice for a soft, flattering look that combines the best of both cuts.

    30. Wavy pixie cut

    Wavy pixie cut

    A pixie cut designed for wavy hair offers texture and depth, perfect for showcasing natural waves with a stylish, easy-to-manage cut. This style adds a playful, youthful touch to your overall look.

    31. The french bob

    The French bob

    A chic, jaw-length cut with or without bangs, the French Bob oozes sophistication and charm, reminiscent of classic Parisian style. It's perfect for those seeking a timeless look with flair.

    32. Asymmetrical pixie

    Asymmetrical pixie

    This pixie cut is longer on one side, offering an edgy, modern look that plays with hair length, and symmetry. It's ideal for those wanting to make a bold statement while keeping maintenance low.

    33. Layered curly bob

    Layered curly bob

    Perfect for naturally curly hair, this bob includes layers that enhance the hair's natural texture and volume. It offers a lively, playful look that's both chic and easy to manage.

    34. Sleek angled bob

    Sleek angled bob

    A sleek, angled bob offers a sharp, polished look with clean lines and smooth texture. The angle from back to front adds depth and a contemporary edge to this classic style.

    35. Short and sassy layers

    Short and sassy layers

    Short, sassy layers add volume and movement to the hair, creating a youthful and energetic look that's fun and flirty. This style works well with various hair textures and is easy to personalize.

    36. Tapered afro

    Tapered afro

    A tapered afro shapes the hair beautifully for natural hair, keeping it longer at the top and shorter at the sides. This cut is stylish and celebrates thick hair types natural texture with grace.

    37. The pixie-bob hybrid

    The pixie-bob hybrid

    A longer version of the classic pixie, this hybrid style offers the ease of a shortcut with the versatility of a straight bob top. It is perfect for those who like to experiment with different styles and textures.

    38. Textured bowl cut

    Textured bowl cut

    Reviving the classic bowl cut with added texture gives it a modern twist, making it an unexpectedly fashionable choice that frames the face beautifully and offers a sleek, uniform length.

    39. Mohawk-inspired pixie

    Mohawk-inspired pixie

    This bold, mohawk-inspired pixie features shorter sides and a longer, textured strip on top. It's a daring and edgy choice that exudes confidence and style.

    40. Short bob with bangs

    Short bob with bangs

    A short bob paired with bangs offers a cute, timeless look that softens the face and adds youthful charm. This style is versatile and works well with different hair types.

    41. Soft feathered cut

    Soft feathered cut

    A soft, feathered cut with light layers gives a delicate, feminine look that adds volume and movement. It is ideal for thinning hair or those seeking a graceful, easy-to-style haircut.

    42. The buzzed pixie

    The buzzed pixie

    Going even shorter, the buzzed pixie is ultra-low-maintenance and cool, making a striking statement with minimal effort. It's perfect for showcasing facial features boldly.

    43. Voluminous pixie cut

    Voluminous pixie cut

    A pixie cut designed to maximize volume at the crown offers a chic and edgy look. This style is great for adding an illusion of thickness to fine hair.

    44. Bob with outward curls

    Bob with outward curls

    A bob cut with ends styled outward for a retro vibe that's playful and unique. This style hair colour adds a fun twist to the traditional bob, suitable for various occasions.

    45. Short layered cut with fringe

    Short layered cut with fringe

    A dynamic, short layered cut complemented by a fringe that frames the face, offering texture and a modern edge. It's a versatile look that can be styled in multiple ways.

    46. Retro pixie

    Retro pixie

    Inspired by vintage styles, the retro pixie features short, sleek sides with a voluminous top reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour but with a modern twist.

    47. The swirl bob

    The swirl bob

    A bob cut with a swirling pattern of layers creates a sophisticated, dynamic look. This style is perfect for adding interest and movement to straight hair.

    48. Pixie with long bangs

    Pixie with long bangs

    A pixie cut with longer bangs that sweep across the forehead, offering a stylish contrast between short layers and long elements, adding softness and femininity to the cut.

    49. Mini afro

    Mini afro

    For women with afro-textured hair, the mini afro is a chic, natural style that's easy to care for and celebrates the beauty of thicker hair over tight curls and coils.

    50. Soft pixie with undercut

    Soft pixie with undercut

    Combining the pixie cut with an undercut adds a hidden layer of edginess that can be revealed or concealed, offering versatility and a modern, sleek look.

    51. Balayage bob

    Balayage bob

    A bob enhanced with balayage highlights adds depth and dimension, creating a sun-kissed, natural-looking finish that rejuvenates the hair and illuminates the face.

    52. Classic pageboy cut

    Classic pageboy cut

    The pageboy cut, a timeless style characterized by rounded, blunt edges and typically accompanied by bangs, offers a sleek, polished look that exudes elegance and simplicity.

    53. Shaggy bob with bangs

    Shaggy bob with bangs

    This bob combines shaggy, layered textures with bangs, creating a carefree, effortlessly chic, versatile, and easy-to-style, perfect for a casual, modern aesthetic.

    54. The edgy undercut bob

    The edgy undercut bob

    An undercut paired with a longer bob on top provides an edgy and stylish striking contrast, allowing for a unique blend of boldness and femininity.

    55. Sleek military-style cut

    Sleek military-style cut

    A military-style cut, characterized by its short length and precision, offers a bold, no-fuss look that's striking and incredibly easy to maintain.

    56. Curly lob (long bob)

    Curly lob (long bob)

    The lob, or long bob, is tailored for curly hair. It embraces natural curls with a manageable length that's both chic and practical, perfect for a sophisticated, low-maintenance hairstyle.

    57. Side-parted silver bob

    Side-parted silver bob

    Embrace the beauty of silver hair with a side-parted bob that highlights the elegance and maturity of gray hair. This classic look is both dignified and stylish.

    58. Spiky punk pixie

    Spiky punk pixie

    A pixie cut with spiky layers adds a punk vibe, showcasing a rebellious, youthful spirit. This style is perfect for expressing individuality and stands out in any crowd.

    59. Wavy bob with highlights

    Wavy bob with highlights

    A wavy bob enhanced with highlights adds texture and visual interest, creating a vibrant, dimensional look that's fresh and lively, ideal for adding a pop of color.

    60. Pin-curled pixie

    Pin-curled pixie

    The pin-curled, pixie hairstyles brings a vintage flair to the modern pixie cut, with curls that add volume and a touch of glamour, perfect for special occasions or everyday elegance.

    61. Asymmetrical curly bob

    Asymmetrical curly bob

    An asymmetrical bob tailored for curly hair creates a dynamic, visually interesting look that plays with lengths while celebrating natural texture, ideal for a bold, confident style.

    62. Blunt pixie cut

    Blunt pixie cut

    A blunt pixie cut offers a sharp, clean look with even edges, providing a minimalist yet bold style that's both modern and easy to manage, suitable for all face shapes.

    63. Boho chic layered bob

    Boho chic layered bob

    This layered bob with a bohemian twist features relaxed, tousled layers that evoke a sense of freedom and creativity. It is perfect for those who prefer a laid-back, artistic look.

    64. Sleek pixie with a twist

    Sleek pixie with a twist

    A sleek pixie cut accented with a subtle twist, such as an angular fringe or a pop of color, adds a unique element to the classic style and makes it stand out.

    65. Dynamic tousled lob

    Dynamic tousled lob

    A tousled long bob (lob) offers a versatile, dynamic look that's both chic and effortless. Waves or curls add texture and movement, perfect for a casual yet sophisticated style.

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