Scandinavian Biolabs Study Exposed Over Half of Online Hair Loss Advice Is Misleading or Missing

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In a groundbreaking study, Scandinavian Biolabs found that over half of online advice about hair loss is misleading or missing.

We enlisted a board-certified, award winning dermatologist to meticulously analyze over 1,000 Reddit posts seeking hair loss guidance.

They uncovered a troubling trend: more misinformation than answers.

The Truth Hurts

social media hair loss information study infographic

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Shockingly, only 42% of responses provided accurate advice.

The other 58% were incorrect or non-existent, leading people down the wrong path.

Even worse, over 1 in 3 questions went unanswered. Sufferers deserve better support in their search for solutions.

Out of 1000 Reddit posts:

  • Correct: 425 (42%)
  • Wrong: 228 (23%)
  • No response: 347 (35%)

This pattern of misinformation and lack of support paints a bleak picture for individuals seeking help online, underscoring a significant gap in dependable, accessible advice.[[quote]]“In an age where misinformation spreads like wildfire, our study reveals a critical gap in reliable advice for those facing hair loss. There is an urgent need for credible, accessible information on personal health.”
— Luat Duong, lead developer[[quote]]

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Why This Matters?

This leads many down the wrong treatment path, wasting time and money. This only exacerbate existing anguish and frustration.

People deserve better guidance for their stressful conditions.

It's clear: the need for evidence-based, authoritative guidance has never been more critical.

It Does Not Have To Be: The Solution

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Contact Information

Luat Duong | Project Lead & Developer


Telephone: +358 469 382 071 (Available from 6:00 to 12:00 PST.)

Study Design & Methodology

For our study's methodology, we enlisted the expertise of a board-certified dermatologist to meticulously evaluate 1,000 Reddit submissions and their associated comment sections that featured photographs.

These submissions were typically headlined with queries concerning hair loss, such as "Do I have hair loss?", "Is my hair thinning?", or "Am I balding?".

The dermatologist's initial task was to assess the hair loss depicted in each photograph without consulting the comments, to establish a professional diagnosis. Subsequently, the dermatologist would review the comment section of each post to determine the consensus diagnosis among Reddit users, which was identified by the most upvoted comment in cases of multiple suggestions.

This process involved comparing the professional diagnosis with the crowd-sourced opinions to record matches, discrepancies, or instances where no response was found in the comment section.

To ensure the integrity and verifiability of our methodology, we have preserved screen captures and recordings of the dermatologist performing this evaluation in real time. These materials serve to corroborate the accuracy of the findings reported in our study.

These materials were then reviewed by a US board-certified dermatologist to verify the diagnosis made by the dermatologist.

Here is an example of our screen capture process with personable details censored.

screen capture of study

Luat Duong

Luat Duong is a Copenhagen-based writer and content strategist specializing in hair loss and health. His work has been featured in MyHealthGuide, The Right Hairstyles, and Woman's Era. He is a graduate of Vaasa University. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.