Editorial Standards: Your Trusted Source for Health Information

At Scandinavian Biolabs, we understand the importance of providing accurate and trustworthy health information. That's why we hold ourselves to the highest Editorial Standards, ensuring our content is as trustworthy as possible.


Product Testing & Reviewing Process


Scandinavian Biolabs leverages standardized protocols, comprehensive data, in-depth analysis, multi-layered expert reviews, and continuous monitoring to deliver the most thoroughly vetted and objectively accurate product reviews possible.


Product Selection


  • Based solely on consumer interest and market relevance
  • Meet applicable quality, safety, and regulatory standards

    Comprehensive Usage Testing


    • Products used as intended by reviewers for typical cycle (e.g. 30 days for shampoo)
    • All stated claims, features, and experiences evaluated
    • Careful documentation of results, performance, pros/cons etc.

      Comparative Analysis


      • Head-to-head comparisons against competitors in same product category
      • Objective assessments of relative effectiveness, value, quality etc.
      • Top performers identified based on overall data

        Consumer Perspectives


        • Feedback surveys from target consumer demographics
        • Evaluation of ease-of-use, intuitiveness, aesthetics etc.
        • Accounting for factors like price sensitivities and accessibility

          Expert Quality Assurance


          • Review of testing data by subject matter experts
          • Validation of methodology, findings, and assessments
          • Scrutiny of any claims requiring substantiation
          • Fact-checking of specifications, ingredients, and marketing claims

            Transparency & Integrity


            • Untested reviews are clearly disclosed.
            • No affiliate links, sponsorships or paid promotions
            • Full independence and zero conflicts of interest
            • Clear documentation of testing methods and data sources
            • Corrections issued promptly if any inaccuracies identified

              Reviewer Expertise & Qualifications


              • For medical topics, only physicians, doctors and dermatologists (M.D./D.O.) with active medical licenses and specialist credentials are accepted as reviewers.
              • General health/wellness writers must have 3+ years of full-time experience in the field.
              • All writers undergo thorough vetting of credentials, employment history, publications, professional memberships, and potential conflicts.

                Rigorous Training & Oversight


                • Writers undergo months of intensive training on consumer writing, our standards/processes, and interpreting complex research.
                • Writers are provided dedicated coaching from editors to master clear communication of technical concepts.
                • Senior medical/scientific reviewers with impeccable academic credentials personally supervise all writers in their specialties.
                • Standardized training covers inclusive language, cultural competence, condition-specific sensitivities, and empathy.
                • Continuous education covers rapidly evolving studies/guidance, with annual re-credentialing required.

                  Uncompromising Research Standards


                  • Primary sources must be current systematic reviews, meta-analyses, or original research from leading peer-reviewed journals.
                  • Relying solely on news reports, press releases, preprints, or non-peer-reviewed sources is strictly prohibited.
                  • Scientific editors scrutinize all references for study design, potential biases/limitations, and overall quality of methods/analysis.
                  • Where evidence is lacking/inconclusive, content must qualify claims as emerging/unproven and avoid overstatement.
                  • Full methodological details and raw data from cited studies must be accessible to our editorial team for verification.

                    Multi-Layered Reviews & Approvals


                    • Each piece undergoes rigorous fact-checking against cited studies and by a secondary subject expert writer.
                    • Medical/scientific editors then carefully vet all cited sources, analysis interpretations, clarity, and contextualization.
                    • All condition-specific content also receives dedicated reviews by physicians actually treating those conditions daily.
                    • A separate team specifically focused on empathy/sensitivity reviews all descriptions of conditions/symptoms.
                    • Final approval is granted only after review board sign-off from diverse expert perspectives within the relevant specialty.

                      Strict Editorial Independence


                      • All content is funded independently with no outside sponsors or advertising.
                      • No outside influence impacts editorial standards, content strategies, writer assignments, or publishing decisions whatsoever.
                      • Full organizational funding disclosures, writers' credentials, and potential personal conflicts are provided transparently.

                        Trustworthy Corrections & Updates


                        • Clearly defined, publicly documented process for issuing corrections/updates if any factual errors are discovered post-publication.
                        • Each correction is logged in a public archive with change details, new citations, and justification/explanation.
                        • Content is routinely re-evaluated as new major studies emerge, with updates and editorial notes incorporated.
                        • Previous version snapshots are maintained to enable full accountability for all historical information published.

                          Continuous Improvement & Transparency


                          • Annual audits review random samples to verify standards compliance and identify improvement areas.
                          • External experts across medical/scientific specialties are regularly consulted to enhance standards.
                          • All standards documentation is public and an open feedback process incorporates user suggestions.
                          • Management focuses relentlessly on further raising standards rather than resting on current achievements.

                          Scandinavian Biolabs is obsessive about ensuring all health content exhibits expertise, authoritativeness, and unwavering trustworthiness deserving of user confidence. Rigorous standards and processes back this commitment.