The Only Guide You Need On Derma Roller For Hair Growth (2023)

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We frequently ignore the hair and scalp skin, not realizing that the skin on your scalp requires the same care as the skin on the rest of your body.

To show some care to your scalp, using the derma roller for hair is a new, trendy and potentially effective way to do so. But there are drawbacks to consider.

Even though derma rolling has become increasingly popular, it's also weird to think that you're going to intentionally puncture your scalp skin (ouch! right?)

If you are also curious about the possibility of regrowing hair with a derma roller after going bald or if you've ever wondered what the right way to use a derma roller for hair loss and growth is, this article is for you.

So, without wasting time, let's dig into this!


The derma roller is an exciting new treatment that could help people improve the general health of their hair. Within the community of people who suffer from hair loss, it has become one of the most popular therapies in recent years.

The fact that it is very efficient, risk-free, economical, and can be carried out in a reasonable amount of time are some of its primary benefits.

You can benefit from the roller on its own, but it will improve the results if you use it with topical treatments or oils.

What is a derma roller?

A derma roller is a hand device used in the comfort of one's home to enhance the appearance and health of the hair. The cylindrical hand tool is covered with what seem to be hundreds of tiny needles made of stainless steel or titanium.

derma roller for hair regrowth

The length of the needles on the rollers can range anywhere from 0.25 to 1.5 millimeters. As the barrel of the derma roller is rolled over the scalp, it punctures the skin with its needles. Their deep penetration rejuvenates skin and hair follicles without damaging them.

The derma roller is helpful due to how quickly it works. You may quickly and efficiently treat a significant section of the scalp by rolling it across the skin. Also, it can help the healing properties of topicals and oils reach the hair follicles by getting deeper into the scalp. 

So, a derma roller can improve its treatment when used with oils. Hence, the derma roller increases blood flow to the scalp and promotes cell turnover, making it an all-around better tool for encouraging thick, healthy hair. 

Which derma roller should I buy for hair growth?

The derma roller you should buy for hair growth depends on your goal, for receding hairline, you only need 240 short microneedles, for hair growth you need 540 short microneedles, and for hair loss treatment you need 1200 long microneedles.

what derma roller for hair growth to buy

Derma rollers can aid in hair regrowth and regeneration. It can enhance scalp blood flow. Blood flow to the scalp boosts hair growth and thickness. According to research, increased blood flow to the scalp benefits hair development by supplying hair follicles with oxygen and nutrients so they grow stronger and thicker.

However, the question remains: which derma roller should you get to stimulate your hair development?

We advise you to invest in a good quality, safe and carefully researched derma rollers that can treat the issues you have with your scalp and hair growth.

Take into consideration the size of the needles on the derma roller. Needles with a diameter ranging from 0.25 to 0.5 millimeters have the most effective impact on your hair.

Needle size for receding hairline

If your hairline is receding, 240 microneedles (0.5 mm) derma roller size is perfect for gently targeting the receding hairline, rejuvenating dead skin cells, and promoting hair development.

Needle size for hair growth

To promote hair growth, use 540 microneedles (0.5 mm). This will allow you to stimulate hair growth in other areas as well. You can use this derma roller to treat your head effectively in different places to stimulate hair growth and human growth factors.

Scalp Activation Roller
Scalp Activation Roller
Micro-needling tool that is designed to be gentle, yet effective

Needle size for hair loss treatment

To help treat more severe hair loss cases, use 1200 microneedles (1.0 mm). This derma roller has been built with more microneedles that are 1.0 mm in diameter. Use this derma roller if you have hair loss over a vast portion of your scalp for the most outstanding possible outcomes.

Curved handle

Keep an eye out for derma rollers with curved handles to accommodate your hand better. This lets you get a better grip on the derma roller and makes it easier to apply the right amount of pressure to make sure it works right.

Needle material

Examine the material that the needles are constructed from. When the needles on a derma roller are made to deal with the problem of hair loss, the treatment works well. The most effective method is to use microneedles made of titanium alloy. These needles are meant to generate punctures in your scalp that is just deep enough to stop hair loss and stop further hair loss from occurring.

    How do you use a derma roller for hair growth?

    new hair growth

    It is relatively easy to use a derma roller for hair development, and the process is comparable to any other device, regardless of whether you use it on your skin or your hair.

    You must ensure that you properly use it, clean it, and replace it as soon as it gets damaged. Hence, three steps exist to use a derma roller for hair growth.

    Step 1: Sanitise after every use

    After using a derma roller, you first need to clean and sanitize the roller with an alcohol-based cleaner. This also helps protect the material against any potential rust.

    Of course, you can always clean it before use, both are acceptable!

    The derma roller helps remove the buildup in your hair. Plus, it retains some of the oil that you used in the process on the needles.

    This step is significant as the derma rolling results in the creation of tiny punctures. It's possible that improper cleaning might lead to infection.

    Takeaway: After each use, you should make sure that it is well-cleaned and that it's completely dry.

    Step 2: Apply serums or oils

    Now, the question is how to apply minoxidilhair growth serums or hair growth oils with a derma roller to grow hair effectively.

    Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
    Bio-Pilixin® Activation Serum | For Men
    Our clinically tested serum contains research-backed ingredients to help reduce hair loss.

    To begin with, you must never put them on the device itself. You can apply hair oils using the pipette or cotton balls by sectioning your hair into parts and then massaging your hair for a few seconds.

    After that, roll your scalp using the derma roller in multiple directions.

    Step 3: Replace when necessary

    A derma roller is like a good pair of jeans, the better the quality, the longer it last.

    A derma roller typically has a shelf life of two months. Good ones with good material and sturdy construction last longer.

    After that period, you should get a new device.

    It's recommended to stop using a derma roller that's broken or damaged.

    When it comes to your hair, nothing is worse than using a derma roller with damaged or bent needles. It's harmful and may destroy your hair follicles and roots. Be familiar with the length of time that you can use a derma roller before it goes bad.

    Takeaway: Be wary of the small needles that are damaged or crooked. When that occurs, it's time to get a new derma roller.

    Step 4: Let it heal

    This goes without saying that you should not disturb the healing process after a microneedling treatment. Wait a few days for your scalp to heal before doing it again. Or, you can apply certain medications to encourage healing of the scalp.

    What hair oils are best to use with your derma roller?

    The best oils to use with derma roller for hair are lavender oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, and jamaican black castor oil.

    One should use a derma roller with different oils or topicals to get the most out of it. Together with the derma roller, they promote hair regrowth.

    Finding the proper oil treatment for your hair is essential. So, it is necessary to figure out which oil will help your hair grow and which will cause problems, especially if you have sensitive skin.

    Our top picks are:

    Lavender oil

    lavender oil

    Oil from lavender flowers has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. The benefits for your hair and scalp come as no surprise. The lavender essential oil has been getting a lot of attention lately for its ability to grow hair. Research published in 2016 indicated that administering lavender oil topically to animals increases hair growth. In addition, the rate at which their hair grew was much quicker than average.

    It is also effective against head lice and other fungal diseases of the scalp that may harm hair health and growth. Using a derma roller with it to help new hair grow is ideal because it makes hair grow faster and healthier. As a bonus, it helps with bald spots and hair loss to aid in hair regeneration.

    Rosemary oil

    rosesmary oil promote hair growth

    Rosemary oil is another essential oil that works well with a derma roller. It is a very light hair oil that doesn't make your hair feel greasy after you use it. It controls the amount of sebum that is produced on the scalp. This helps prevent the scalp and hair from being weighed down by excessive oil. 

    It has a high concentration of antioxidants, which stop hair greying at an earlier age and improve scalp circulation, leading to faster hair development. Also, it helps treat acne on the scalp, one of the most common hair problems. Because of its calming and antifungal characteristics, it helps relieve itching. Moreover, we can also use it to treat androgenetic alopecia.

    Peppermint oil

    peppermint oil

    Peppermint oil is a miracle worker for an itchy scalp. Due to its antimicrobial qualities, it effectively removes oil and buildup from the scalp. One research study compares the effects of peppermint oil to those of other oils.

    For this research, a certification agency for organic products provided peppermint essential oil that was 100 percent pure and natural. After four weeks, they found that peppermint oil made the most hair grow out of the other oils they tried.

    It also aids in the unclogging of pores, enabling the skin to breathe better. When peppermint oil is used with a hair growth derma roller to help hair grow, the oil is better able to get into the scalp.

    Coconut oil

    coconut oil

    Everyone knows coconut oil is one of the most effective oils for promoting healthy hair growth. According to one study, the absorption of coconut oil into individual hair strands is better than that of mineral oil and other oils. The oil helps avoid hair damage, such as split ends and hair breakage. This gives the impression that your hair is expanding in length and speed more quickly.

    You'll get even better results if you use a derma roller in conjunction with it. Coconut oil's antioxidants, lipids, and vitamins help reduce frizz. It also aids in the removal of dandruff and the repair of split ends. Coconut oil is your one-stop solution for any hair loss issues. Using it with a derma roller is the best way to improve your hair's quality and health.

    Pros and cons of a derma roller

    Almost everything has both positive and negative aspects. The derma roller also has several pros and cons, which are listed below:


    • Increases scalp blood flow. 
    • Activates the body's inherent ability of collagen production and elastin in the skin.
    • Boosts root microcirculation. 
    • Helps help regrow hair, hair strengthening and hair thickening.
    • Promotes anagen hair development. 
    • Helps prevent catagen hair loss.

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      • It can cause discomfort, redness, irritation, and pain. Though not everyone experiences this, many should consider it.
      • Choosing needle sizes and needle length can take time and effort.
      • They're not a suitable solution for people with skin issues.

        Who should use a derma roller for hair?

        woman using derma roller at home treatments

        Anyone seeking treatment for hair loss might benefit from using a derma roller. If you want to stimulate hair growth, the derma rolling or microneedling is your solution.

        This tool is often sought out by those looking for a simple treatment for hair thinning. It can be used alone or with other therapies, such as hair serums, to promote growth.

        Even though derma rollers are accessible to anyone, not everyone should use them.

        Before beginning treatment, those with a history of blood clots, eczema, or psoriasis should see a physician or dermatologist. Derma rolling also has the potential to spread active acne or warts from one part of the skin to another.

        How to use dermaroller as an at-home treatment?

        woman using derma roller

        Every time you derma roll at home, you need to follow these steps:

        1. Soak the derma roller in a cleaning liquid containing at least 70% ethyl alcohol for at least a few minutes. Doing this will ensure that the needles don't have any germs or bacteria on them from when they were stored. It should remove the alcohol by wiping the surface.
        2. Use a hair care product. If you apply your favourite serum or oil before rolling the device over your skin, the serum will be absorbed much more deeply into the skin. Using serum afterward is a personal preference.
        3. Complete derma rolling in the four directions indicated for each region. Then, move the derma four times up and down, four times left and right, four times diagonally from the top right to the bottom left, and four times from the top left to the bottom right. Repeatedly roll the gadget up and down over a specific location, and move it the same number of times in both the horizontal and diagonal directions inside the same region.
        4. Avoid pulling it from side to side as you move it. The blade should roll naturally and smoothly against your skin.
        5. Don't go crazy; five to ten rotations in a single direction are enough. Carefully and without using force, perform the instructions as described.
        6. Wash and remove any remaining traces of products from your roller by washing it with soap and water. 

          Are there side effect for derma roller for hair?

          Although derma roller treatments are doable in the comfort of one's home, there are several possible side effects to bear in mind:

          • Inappropriate needle size due to ignorance can cause failure.
          • Need more knowledge on how to employ the roller effectively.
          • The absence of vision in particular regions of the scalp, such as the back of the patient's head.
          • Bad experience efficiently targeting the intended areas, especially in comparison to specialists.
          • Uncertainty about the stopping point.
          • A failure to roll the roller with sufficient force. 

          Derma roller vs. alternatives comparison table

          Derma roller vs. alternatives comparison table

          Common mistakes when using derma roller for hair

          wet hair

          The following are some of the most common mistakes made by derma roller users: derma rolling too much, poor hygiene, improper technique and not giving it enough time.

          Derma rolling too much

          A high number of derma rolling sessions: As was just discussed, doing micro-needling treatments more often than once per week is not likely to provide better outcomes. Remember that each time you use a derma roller, you are causing damage to your scalp. You need to give it adequate time to recover in between sessions.

          Poor hygiene

          Improper hygiene might result in illnesses.

          Improper technique

          Hair development slows down due to inappropriate methods.

          Failure to provide sufficient time for the therapy

          Before deciding whether or not the derma roller is suitable for you, it requires at least three months to work its magic.

          Microneedling for hair loss, much like every other therapy for hair loss, needs some time to start showing benefits.

          If you expect to see a change in a single day, you will not only be disappointed but also run the risk of losing out on a therapy that may benefit your hair loss.

            One of the many benefits of a derma roller is that you can do it from the comfort of your home.

            However, think about scheduling your first appointment with a specialist. You can determine whether it's a good fit and learn the proper implementation method.

            When to contact a doctor?

            Derma rolling can treat various hair problems, such as reducing hair loss, crown hair thinning, widow's peak, mature hairline, and more.

            However, you must see a doctor if your hair loss becomes more noticeable.

            But the question is, how soon before symptoms worsen should one see a doctor?

            On average, 50–100 hairs fall out daily on the typical individual. See a doctor if you've seen an increase in fall out of your hair, particularly if you're also experiencing other symptoms like exhaustion, anxiety, itchiness, or mood swings.

            Your doctor will likely prescribe topical finasteride or minoxidil.

            How to get maximum benefits from derma rolling?

            Follow these tips for successful regrowth with maximum benefits:

            Use Hair Growth Routine

            gary results

            Utilise the derma roller with the hair growth routine to initiate a significant transformation. It is a simple, three-step procedure specially created to prevent further hair loss, promote the growth of new strands, and keep hair healthy, strong, and vibrant. Because it is a whole routine, it consists of the following three steps:

              The product works through a simple process that encourages the formation of new hair. The main active ingredient in this product is called Capilia Longa. Its job is to stimulate the activity of the cells in the dermal papilla to bring the normal hair growth cycle back into balance.

              Hair Growth Routine | For Men
              Hair Growth Routine | For Men
              Helps cleansing, hydrating and supports reduced hair loss in 3 easy steps.
              Hair Growth Routine | For Women
              Hair Growth Routine | For Women
              Helps cleansing, hydrating and supports reduced hair loss in 3 easy steps.

              Cut your hair short

              Derma rolling has recently become very popular in dermatology. Dermatologists and other medical professionals use it to treat skin conditions such as wrinkles, pigmentation problems, acne, scars, and more.The derma roller is only used on bare skin in certain situations.

              Using the same logic, it's advised that you cut your hair short during therapy. There will be several upsides to this. With short hair, you'll be able to see results as soon as they happen.

              Add scalp massage to your haircare routine

              The derma rolling method is one of the mechanical methods for promoting hair growth benefits. So, when used on its own, it may help hair grow back well enough to be happy with.

              Combine with an oral supplement

              Because derma rolling is a mechanical therapy applied to the skin's surface, it makes sense to use it with something that works on the body as a whole. If you already use derma rolling, you have already put in the time and effort that weekly sessions require. Adding systemic medicine in the form of a capsule is essential. 

              Look for saw palmetto supplements or Hair Nutrient Tablets - a combination of the best hair regrowth substances you need.

              Hair Nutrient Tablets
              Hair Nutrient Tablets
              Contains zinc for the maintenance of normal hair, as well as niacin and riboflavin for the maintenance of normal skin.

              Focus on the balding areas, and use the proper technique

              First, address the balding regions, then the rest if you have time. Do not use the derma roller on the part of the scalp at a time just for the sake of saving time. Roll up, down, sideways, and diagonally. Be careful. Don't bleed. Lighter pressure works for micro-needling.

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