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Subscription customers are three times more likely to complete the 150 days (and enjoy the great benefits that come with it). Here's why.
Full Money-Back Guarantee

No-strings-attached subscriptions

You can easily make changes to your subscription, pause it or even cancel it anytime you want, at your own convenience.

Simply go to your customer portal and select the subscription you want to make changes to. The customer portal works on all devices.


Free delivery on auto refills

To make life as easy for our subscribers as possible, we give you free delivery on all subscriptions.

For your future orders with a subscription, you will also receive a notification 5 days before the order is placed, so you have enough time to make changes.


Hair Care Specialist

Our trichologist can help you with questions on hair health and how to get the most out of your products. If you have a subscription with a serum, you can book a 20-minute consultation via your customer portal.

Consultations are worth up to €50, but are offered for free to subscribers.


And on top of that you also get

  • 20 points for each recurring order
    Automatically added to your MyBiolabs status every time a recurring order is placed
  • 15% off the regular price
    Subscription orders always come with an automatic 15% discount compared to the one-time purchase option
  • Sneaky surprises
    Enjoy a free surprise product snuck into your orders every now and then

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