Let’s rebuild life below the surface together

As a cosmetics company, we are well aware that our sustainability practices are far from perfect. In fact, we recognize that we are a part of the bigger issue. Corals and the marine life they support are under threat from numerous human impacts such as climate change, habitat disruption, and pollution including, pollutants from the cosmetic and personal care industry.

This week, we’re partnering with the Reefscapers organisation by donating 10% of every order to Save the Reefs and bring back the habitat for more than 1 million species living in the coral reefs.

There is still hope for corals under threat

Although there has been a major decline in coral reefs over recent decades, there is still hope for the health of our seas. The Reefscapers organisation is composed of specialized marine biologists and conservationists, dedicated to restoring coral reefs in the Maldives, along with raising awareness about the underwater world.

Reefscapers works with the local community to handcraft coral frames, which then host a wide variety of propagated coral species. By doing so, they enhance the diversity of the natural reef ensuring our marine life has a brighter future.

Coral Frame Construction1
Coral Harvesting & Propagation2
Coral Frame Deployment3
Coral Monitoring4
Coral Frame Construction1
Coral Harvesting & Propagation2
Coral Frame Deployment3
Coral Monitoring4

How does the cosmetic industry affect marine life?

Cosmetics are used in massive quantities throughout the world, and their production and regular use can, unfortunately, result in contaminants that find their way into our sea. Coral reefs are biodiversity hotspots, meaning they support a wide array of exotic and crucial marine life. An estimated 30% of coral has disappeared since the early 1980s, and a majority of coral may disappear over the upcoming decades.

Certain cosmetic contaminants have been linked to coral bleaching, while others are thought to directly endanger the health of marine life. Corals are under threat from numerous human impacts such as climate change, habitat disruption, and pollution including, pollutants from the cosmetic and personal care industry.

Let’s change the statistics together

As the plant changes from increased human activity, the future of our marine life may seem grim. However, together with your help, we can create better odds for the future of our seas.

of coral reefs have disappeared
Since the 1980s an estimated 30% of coral have been lost, and their disappearance will continue unless swift action is taken.
Coral frames in the water
Reefscapers have assembled and established more than 8.500 coral frames, which over the upcoming years will restore the coral community and increase the biodiversity of marine life.
transplanted coral fragments
Over 50.000 successful coral transplants have been executed by marine biologists from Reefscapers-- giving certain coral species the opportunity to flourish yet again.
Take action Take action Take action Take action Take action

Every drop can make a difference

While it is important you are proactively making environmentally conscious decisions, you can make an impact now by joining us on our quest to Save the Reefs.

This year we are canceling Black Friday and instead donating 10% (ex VAT & Fees) of all new sales to Reefscappers, with the ultimate goal of raising €10.000. If you are in no need of hair care products for the month, and simply want to contribute you can visit our website to donate directly to Reefscapers by “adopting” a coral reef.

With a contribution of €10.000 Reefscapers can establish 50 coral frames that will ultimately support a wide array of marine life.



Take action

How are you helping?

You can either donate directly to Reefscapers through our website or purchase a Scandinavian Biolabs product, where 10% will be automatically allocated to Reefscapers.
Coral frame building
All money raised for Reefscapers will go directly to the production of new coral frames. As many livelihoods in the Maldives are centered around tourism, Reefscapers work with local community members. This enables them to become a part of marine conservation, in turn spreading awareness and building a better future for the Maldives.
Deployment of the frames
Once the frames are built, fragments of coral that have been naturally displaced from natural forces such as storms, humans, or sea life are carefully transplanted onto the frames and deployed.
The real excitement begins when you can monitor your sponsored reef. All the coral frames are bi-annually monitored, with pictures taken and uploaded. Each donor receives an automatic alert when new photographs or scientific information of their coral frame are available.

Monitor Your Reef’s Progress

With Reefscapers’ monitoring program you have the opportunity to watch the progress of your coral reef from home. Witness its transformation from the earliest stages of deployment to a flourishing marine community.

All the photos and scientific data regarding the coral frames are recorded online and visible by the donors at any time, including frame number, dedication, coral species name, and satellite QGIS map location.

73.2207° E
3.2028° N

Our CO2 offset on this mission

We are well aware of the CO2 footprint our team left behind when traveling to the Maldives to meet the Reefscapers. With this in mind, we have calculated the total emissions of the trip and donated the calculated amount directly to the Reefscapers - making our travels a little more carbon neutral.

CO2 offset for the round trip to Fulhadhoo
Fulhadhoo Maledives
16,300 km
14 hours 46 minutes
Travel Time
€ 211,59
Round Trip
Co2 Offset

We are a part of the problem. So what can we do about it?

This year we decided to step away from Black Friday. We’re on a mission to Save the Reefs by teaming up with conservationists and marine biologists from Reefscapers to restore coral reefs so that our ocean has a brighter future. During this time 10% of all your purchases will be donated to Reefscapers. If set on products for the month, you can simply visit our website to support a coral reef. All funds raised will go towards Reefscapers' efforts in spreading ocean awareness, rehabilitating marine life, and most importantly, restoring coral reefs.