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Mr. Gary Smith’s first encounter with Scandinavian Biolabs was critical, but in early July of 2020 he became a daily user of the Hair Growth Routine. Every morning, Gary uses the Strength Shampoo+ and Recovery Conditioner+ in the shower. After showering, he administers 3 pipettes full of the Hair Growth Serum+, and leaves to dry for a few minutes before he styles his hair.

As stated in his original email below, he used to dye his hair darker to give a thicker appearance. By July, before beginning to use Scandinavian Biolabs, Gary had applied for a hair transplant.

After three months of daily use, Gary began to regain hair and abandoned dying his hair. He now has rich, fuller hair and does not wish to hide it any longer. In September, the hair transplant has been canceled.

Please read Gary’s original email to us here:

Gary's Original Email

Dear Christopher [Head of Product Development]

I have recently received an email from you asking about my hair regrowth.  

I have so far been using your products since early July and I have attached pictures of my hair taken in April 2020 (the first three pictures below) when I sent pictures to a hair transplant clinic in anticipation of them proving a hair transplant procedure.

gary before picture scandinavian biolabs
gary before picture scandinavian biolabs
gary before picture scandinavian biolabs

I then came across your product and have been using it daily since July.  I used to have to dye my hair to make it look thicker. So you will see a colour difference in the pictures (the last four pictures with my natural grey hair colour)however since using your product you will notice a significant change in my hair growth and I no longer bother with hair dye.

I am 57 years old by the way and had the start of pattern baldness.  The only other thing I do in addition to using your product is take Saw Palmetto [a tropical fruit] tablets as I believe they block DHTs which is the hormone that causes the hair follicle to shrink and eventually stop producing new hair growth.

gary after picture scandinavian biolabs
gary after picture scandinavian biolabs
gary after picture scandinavian biolabs

Just thought the results might interest you. I have for the moment cancelled any plans to undergo a hair transplant.



Hair Growth Routine | For Men
Hair Growth Routine | For Men
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